June 19, 2011

B.F.F. Link Love

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Hi all, here's the latest instalment from the B.F.F. Network... why the picture of Lipstick Jungle? Because I used to love that show about 3 beautiful women with great careers who were always there fore each other... the perfect B.F.Fs. I was totally devastated when the show was cancelled, although I have been hearing rumours that it might be coming back so if anyone knows more about this please add in comments. 

Pink Diva Beauty covered 2011 Hair Expo Australia. Here Tammerly shares the exciting news and trends from the event.
An Obsession With the Fabulous was recently asked to hold a styling session at World Square Shopping Centre in Sydney - see what Angie got up to.
(Here's my link!) Want to do a super simple and quick smokey eye? Then on over to Makeup and Macaroons for step by step instructions.
Annica from HauteandStylish reviews Maybelline's Volum' Express FALSIES Mascara and LOVES it!
Bug from Bug's Beauty Blog tries out mineral makeup for the first time with a Bare Minerals trial kit but isn't completely impressed with the result...

I'm also going to give a quick shout out to a few other blogs that have kept me entertained lately, who are not in the B.F.F. Network. 

  • Vita from Making Up for My Age who does the most beautiful NOTDs, making me want to take better care of my nails & cuticles so they look as good as hers. 
  • Vintage Makeup who makes me jealous of her eyeliner skills and is one of the nicest people in the bloggersphere.
  • Sarah from Dempeaux who finds amazing vintage dresses and wears them with flair. 
  • Stacey from Add to Cart who not only has great photography and product reviews, but she cracks me up everytime I read a post from her. 
  • Priyanka from TwinxnTrax who has similar tastes in lipstick to me, and eggs me on via Twitter to buy more makeup than I need!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, honey! X

  2. Aww Lilit, I can't believe you mentioned me! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. :)

  3. i am still super sad that they discontinued that show :(

  4. I couldn't understand why they cancelled that show, it was awesome.

    Beauty and the Scientist



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