June 09, 2011

Sneak peek at a couple of new Illamasquas and learning to use cream pigments

Last week the Illamasqua counter at Sydney Myer was holding a masterclass focusing on how to use cream colour pigments and cream blushers. I admit I don't own a single cream blush, so I booked in promptly and attended a class after work. My aim: to learn how to apply cream colour to my face.

The super talented Adam from Illamasqua was my teacher on the night, and he very patiently took off all the pre-existing makeup grime from my face and started everything from scratch. The top 5 things I picked up on using cream colours on the cheeks were:
  1. Make sure you have a good base. If you want a super glowy skin, use an illuminating product under your foundation. Adam used Gleam Cream all over my face, then applied Rich Liquid Foundation in RF233, followed with a dusting of Powder Foundation in PF120.
  2. Less is more - start with very little product then build on it as it's easier to add than having to remove the colour. 
  3. Use a good quality brush and using circular motions, really blend in, almost in a buffing motion, the cream pigment/blush onto the apples of your cheeks. It helps if you smile so that the apples of the cheeks are more pronounced. 
  4. Cream colours are perfect for contouring with, as they can look more natural than powders. Adam used the cream pigment Hollow (which I already own) to contour my cheekbones and the sides of my nose to make it appear smaller. 
  5. Don't be afraid of layering your cream products. Adam at first applied cream colour pigment Emerge (a lovely peach), on the apples of my cheeks which gave a really natural colour to my face. Then he applied cream blush in Dixie (a warm coral pink) over it which gave the cheeks a more 3D glow. And then just to prove that he could, he blended another warm pink blush (I think it was Seduce), over it all again. The trick is to use very little product, and blend blend blend.  
The pic below shows a close up of my cheeks with all those products... it actually doesn't look caked on in my opinion even through I had so many creams on it. Although I would never layer so many products all at once (mainly because I don't like the feeling of so many things on my face) Adam only applied so many things because he was teaching me how to layer.

Oh look at those nasty little crows feet making an appearance under my eye... hmmmm. 
I didn't get a chance to take more pictures as by the time I got home after a long day of work, masterclass (and late night shopping) I was too tired to take pics.

The booking fee for this masterclass was $70, but redeemable upon purchase... which to me was an excuse to buy things! I really loved the look and feel of the foundations that Adam used, so that's what I bought.

Here is a sneak peek... full reviews and pics will come up later.

Rich Liquid Foundation in RF233 ($55aud)
Powder Foundation in PF120 ($55aud)

The liquid foundation is slightly too dark on me, and the powder is slightly too light but combined together they're perfect! I've been wearing them every day to work and at the end of the day my face looks and feels as fresh (read: non-greasy) as in the morning.

And in case you're wondering why I didn't get cream blushers, considering I was there specifically to learn how to use those, the answer is simple. I really really wanted to get the foundations and I couldn't afford to buy more things on top of those. Plus I wanted to see the lasting power of the cream blushes before making a commitment to buy. I'm happy to report the lasting power was fabulous, i.e. no sliding down my face until I was ready to remove them. So next pay day I may just have to do another little stop by Illamasqua.

Do you like or use cream pigments and blushes? Do you find it easier to use than powders?


  1. Sounds like you had fun! I'd love to get in on the masterclasses on of these days.

    I love cream blushes, particularly my MAC Posie blushcreme. So good for a glowy flushed cheek.

  2. Lovely! It sounds like you had fun... And how incredible is Adam! Truly a makeup genius!

  3. Giiiiirl i love your love for illamasqua coz it's just as much as mine =P

    Yesterday I bought their cream blush in Rude and i LOVE it! It's like the creamy dewy version of Lover.. It's gorgeous!

    What base do you use under the rich foundation? And how do you apply it with ur fingers or a brush?

  4. I only recently started using cream blushes and it took a little bit of getting use to. I was always worried about disturbing the makeup underneath. Did u say crows feet?? damn girl! u should see mine! lol you look gorgeous! xxx

  5. I am still dying to try some Illamasqua goodies.

    I like the idea of cream blushes but I find powders so much easier to work with. I may just need some more practice with them...or maybe even a masterclass lol


  6. Wow, looks so pretty! I've never tried cream blushes, I'm worried they'll look oily on my.

    I love Illamasqua. (:

  7. Oooh it looks so gorgeous & dewy on you!

  8. I haven't tried cream blushes...yet!

  9. @Jen - you totally should go to one, they're really worth it especially since the fee is redeemable upon purchase... and we all know there will be purchase!

    @Sara-May - he is such a sweetheart!

    @Delyteful Speaks - I saw Rude, it was gorgeous! Added to wishlist. And I use fingers, I can't do foundation with brushes. I also don't use a primer either, just moisturiser underneath my foundation.

    @Mez - yeah I'm still deciding on the cream blushes, coz I know I'm lazy and I will only use things that won't take me too long to master. Oh i've got crows feet and frown lines and all kinds of things, but a nice fringe covers up most of those :)

    @Petit Derriere - the masterclasses are really fun, and the MUA gets you to do half the face yourself so you learn how to do them.

    @MIchelle - I've got fairly dry skin so it was ok for me, but I can see them being too oily on oilier skins. Their cream pigments are good though, they're matte (unlike blushes), so they'd probably stay on longer.

    @River - now that I've tried them, I'm still thinking of getting them or not. I think it will take some getting used to.


  10. So glad you had fun and learned something too. Wish we had a class like that out here!! Anyway, that pic of you with the cream blushes on looks awesome. He did a fab job


  11. I like cream products in general i think they can look very fresh and natural. I just dont use them that often because powders are easier to work with!
    That stick thingie from elf, the pink lemonade one, is really pretty.

  12. @Christina - maybe they do have such classes, ask! I didn't know about them either until I found out via their Australian facebook page. Well worth it.

    @thehouseofy - I like the look of creme products but they take some getting used to. I had a stick thingie from elf too, but it was a skin coloured one which I used as concealer and that was fine. Blush is a differnet thing all together, I'm still worried I'll disrupt the makeup underneath.


  13. I wish I could my hands on illamasqua... Everything seems so exciting!
    I really want to try some MAC creme blushes, they seem so easy to apply.


    PS... What crows feet??? ^_^

  14. i reallllly want some of their foundation and products in general! i like how fresh and pretty you look with the layered items (crows feet? girly please lol...i see none)


  15. I only have one cream blush from Illamasqua (Libido, the incredibly bright orange) and I find the lasting power on that really good. I also love the MAC Cream Colour Bases as cream blushes.

    I've been meaning to place an order for some of the cream pigments, I'm interested to see what they feel like on the cheeks! The Illamasqua cream blush is quite thin and wet (yet insanely pigmented) while the CCB is....harder? I don't know. :D

  16. I've seen some great reviews on the liquid foundation. In the winter my skin gets quite dry (which I've heard doesn't do well with that foundation) but now that it's summer and I have a bit more oil in my skin I may need to try it out!!
    I would love if you did a little review on it once you get a chance to really try it out!

  17. OMG Cream blushes are INSANE! You'll love them when you get yours! Which colours are you looking at?

  18. I love this post!! Such a fan of Illamasqua's cream blushers, I have Dixie, Lies and Rude and I love them all!! That's so useful about the layering I didn't expect such a nice result xx



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