July 12, 2014

Luca turns 2

My gorgeous little boy turned 2 years old today.  It's true what they say, time really does fly especially when you have a baby! I can remember it like it was still yesterday bringing him home from the hospital, all squishy and helpless. Now he's his own little person, independent and stubborn yet also so attached to me.

He's saying a lot more words now, and definitely understanding a whole lot more. Although his default answer to every question at the moment is No. Some things he says that I absolutely adore are:

Batatus (ba-ta-tooss) = octopus
Ice keem = ice cream
Chokleet = chocolate
Nookaaah = Luca
Oh no, bacon = oh no, broken (as in, "oh no, the toy is bacon")
Dysor (dye-sore) = dinosaur
Noghurt = yoghurt
Nucky = yucky
Oh-steeess? = what's this?
Why you? = where are you? As in "mama, why you?"

I also love the way he counts to 10 (by skipping a few numbers!), which goes something like this:
Fee, Fo, Fye, See, Seden (7), Nine, Eigh!

He's absolutely obsessed with firetrucks, and still loves fountains and water in general. He's affectionate, he's clever and oh so cheeky. Having a child is life changing. Our lives are completely different to how it was pre-baby, it's not always fun and games and at time it's challenging. But you know what, I wouldn't change it for the world. This little creature that I call my son is my everything.

Happy birthday my little Luca!


  1. Happy Birthday Luca :) Hope you guys had a wonderful day. Enjoy the terrible 2's before he hits the terrible 3's and 4's :)

    1. Hehe, yes I've heard the terrible 2s never end! They just continue on to adulthood till they move out of home. :)

  2. you've written that so cute! and you are totally right, time goes fast ... i remember you blogging about your belly :) ... happy birthday to him!

    1. Thanks so much hun, I still remember being pregnant and look at him now! big boy! :)

  3. Super adorable! And aren't you lucky to be his mummy?! :D Happy Birthday Little Luca! I remember reading your posts about when he was still in the womb then when he first made his entrance to the world and now this! :)

    1. Yep, I'm definitely lucky to be his mummy. He's growing up too quickly! :)

  4. He's so beautiful! Time just flies by doesn't it? Love your little Luca glossary!



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