July 24, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette - review and swatches

anastasia beverly hills amrezy palette review photos swatches

I may be a little bit obsessed with Instagram, my favourite pastime is to stalk the pages of some of the extremely talented makeup artists there. And one of my favourite such MUAs is @amrezy (Amra Olevic), who with a million followers is clearly a favourite of many others too! When I saw that she had teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills and created an eyeshadow palette, well, I had to have it.
Amra Olevic in an ad for her Amrezy Palette

Ok, it wasn't just the fact it has Amrezy's name on it that made me crave this. It was the fact that this palette seems to have everything I've ever wanted from a palette - that is, a good mix of matte and shimmer neutral shades, with a pop of colour in green and purple. Well what do you know? The Amrezy palette is just that, a perfect mix of matte and shimmer neutrals with gorgeous iridescent purple and green to add that special something to a neutral look. The addition of black is also perfect, because you can easily smoke out or darken any of the colours with it.

The palette itself is made of thick cardboard with a funky leopard print cover and mirror under the lid. It also comes with a double sided brush which isn't too bad for a freebie.

anastasia beverly hills amrezy palette review photos swatches

All of the shades are just so smooth and buttery, and I've experienced no fallout from them at all. The top row has the shimmer shades, and the bottom row contains the mattes. These are all shades that I would get a use out of, I don't think there's any dud in the bunch. The Deep Plum and LBD (black) are somewhat hard to blend, but these are very dark colours that I'm most likely to use in small amounts therefore it's no big deal. Oh and they can also be used wet or dry. This is definitely a must have palette in my opinion. Here are a few swatches, no primer used. I think with a primer the colours would stand out even more.
anastasia beverly hills amrezy palette review photos swatches

The Amrezy palette is US $29 and I bought mine directly from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. International shipping is expensive at US $18 but it arrived in about 10 days.

What do you think of the Amrezy palette?

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