January 29, 2014

Yes, you CAN wear blue eyeliner!

The full title of this post was going to be "Yes, you can wear blue eyeliner without looking like the 80s threw you up" but it was a bit too long. But you get the gist, right?
 photo IMG_5066_zpsde8a9a5d.jpg

Last weekend I was in the mood for some colour on my eyes,  but out of habit I ended up doing my usual defined crease/black liner look without even realising it. Then I thought why not add a line of colour above the black liner and see what happens. And the result? Something that I really love! Because of the shape of my eyes the colour isn't too noticeable when my eyes are open, but when I look down the colour just pops.
 photo 20140120-2016311-001_zpsf5f35b2d.jpg

For this look I used my trusty old Lorac Pro Palette (Cream on the lid and brow bone, Taupe in the crease), lined with Cool Betty black liquid liner (from Korean cosmetic stores) and the star of the show was Australis 10 Hour Wear pencil in Aqua Attack. I'm also wearing 2 coats of Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara but I forgot to take a photo of it.

 photo IMG_5046_zps6ce2a671.jpg

Overall I would say the look is very wearable yet fun, and is something I would try again and perhaps with different coloured liners.

What do you think of this look? Do you wear coloured eyeliners? Have you got any fun techniques to try?


  1. Wow! I absolutely love this look, definitely one to try on a night out :)


  2. I love bright colours on a regular basis. I don't see why I wouldn't!


  3. Looks lovely! If I ever wear blue (or bright coloured eyeliners) I smudge it into my lower lash line with lots of black mascara on the upper lash line. :)

  4. I love how you wear this bright liner! I usually use a darker blue. This one looks so much fun though :-)

  5. I love how you use easily to find & affordable aussie brands as well as high end stuff! What are you wearing on your lips

    1. Oh yeah, I'm all for mixing and matching. There are so many affordable brands out there with fantastic quality, why not use them? The lipstick is MAC Shy Girl.

  6. This is hot! I've also seen it done with red eye liner which also looks great! xx




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