January 13, 2014

International beauty: Australia

I'm starting a new series right here on the blog, where each fortnight I'll feature a blogger from a different country with the aim to identify cult products that are either only available or made in their country. With so many of us travelling internationally more and more, this is a quick way for us to fill up our beauty shopping lists, no? The idea for this was given to me by a family friend, who is also a reader of the blog, Kathbear. Thanks Kath!

For the inaugural post we're staying right here in Australia where we have Sarah from More Than Adored giving us the lowdown on best Aussie products.  

I love supporting local brands and I think Australia has some amazing products on the market. If you’re anything like me when you walk into a foreign store you get overwhelmed and head straight to the lip products or the nail polishes. They are both the easiest ways to change up a look according to mood or season. These three lip products are easily my favourite products from Australian brands and I feel like they are all unique to anything I’ve tried before.

Innoxa Antioxidant Lip Glaze: these are essentially a lipgloss full of nourishing ingredients so they won’t dry out your lips throughout the day. I’m not usually a huge fan of lipgloss but these are so smooth and non-sticky so I find myself reaching for them all the time. They smell amazing and have a great selection of shades so they’re definitely ones to look out for.

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks: These come from an independent brand that only launched in August 2013 but these lipsticks have quickly become a hit in the Australian beauty community. Not only are they affordable with on trend shades; they are super pigmented and easy to wear. They come in two formulas: matte and nourish which are both incredible. The matte formula is beautiful, not drying at all and doesn’t drag when applying. The nourish formula is so smooth and hydrating on the lips whilst still providing a good amount of vibrant colour. These are some of my favourite lipsticks alongside my MAC lipsticks and that’s saying something!

Australis Pout Paste: These are a lipstick/lipstain hybrid and I enjoy these just as much as my YSL glossy stains. These are a thick formulation and possibly have a slight ‘tackiness’ about them but they provide a long-lasting glossy colour to the lips. The best thing about these is wear – they slowly lose the glossy finish and then slowly fade but not uneven or patchy at all! I can easily wear these all day and come home with a bold lip. They’re super affordable, smell amazing and are perfect if you want a lip shade to last all day.
L/R: Innoxa Lip Glazes in Apple and Guave, Shanghai Suzy lipsticks in Miss Sally Watermelon and Miss Jade Orange, Australis Pout Pastes in Pash Me Pink and Berry Nice Kiss. 

Thank you Sarah for your tips! Sarah writes over at More Than Adored about all things beauty, as well as the odd lifestyle post here and there. She is currently at university studying to become a teacher working in retail and blogging her heart out in between. You can find Sarah on her BLOG, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

I hope you enjoyed the start of these series and found it useful!


  1. Great post :)
    I'm from Poland and I am inviting to my blog stellalily.pl

  2. I love your idea! I always LOVE to hear about products from other counties as I travel quite a bit!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Lovely post Sarah, and I am looking forward to this series SO much Lilit! All those lip products look gorgeous :)

  4. Yay Sarah! This is a great idea for a series :)

  5. What a great series! I will definitely be following your blog to keep up with this one!

  6. Such a creative idea! Absolutely wonderful :) and I love finding other bloggers from different countries :) YAY

    Dear You Love Em

  7. Cannot wait to read more from this series =)
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  8. Great post, so lovely to hear from Sarah as well! Can't wait to read more! xx

  9. What an excellent idea Lilit ! What a shame I have tried none of these :(
    Looking forward for more :)

  10. Oh i could think of tons of great products here in London That i could recomende! Great post hun xoxo

    1. Oooh I already have someone who will do the British recommendations, but feel free to add to it when I post it :)

  11. Awesome idea, and those Shanghai Suzy lipsticks sound amazing!

    1. I can't believe I'd never heard f Shanghai Suzy lippies, I'm definitely getting some!



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