December 03, 2013

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick Worn 2 Ways

When it comes to getting ready in a hurry you can't beat the convenience of crayon eyeshadows. This particular one from Laura Mercier, called Caviar Stick, is a favourite in the beauty world and having had a chance to try it out* I can see why! Besides the choice of gorgeous colours it comes in, it's easy to apply, you don't need brushes and can easily blend with your fingertips. But best of all, it's super super long lasting. I tend to stay away from creamy eyeshadows because I have semi-hooded lids and they tend to crease on me, but this one has no creasing whatsoever.

The colour I have is Sugar Frost, which is from the mini Caviar Eye Stick collection ($45 for 4 shades from David Jones) which I wear 2 ways.

1. Inner corner highlight

I highlight the inner corner of my eye to instantly fake brighter eyes, ones that have had at least 12hours sleep! Normally when I highlight the inner corner of my eyes with any other shimmery shadow by lunch time it wears off and the effect is lost. This stays on until I'm ready to remove it.

2. All over the lid as eyeshadow
This looks great paired with a sleek black liquid liner. As I mentioned above, this doesn't crease and lasts all day for me. I usually use a matte neutral shade in the crease just to give my eye some definition, this Caviar Stick on the lid then line it with black liner and I'm done.

Have you tried the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye sticks? Have you tried anything else from the brand?

*Press sample


  1. I like it being an inner corner eye high-lighter <3

  2. I love these caviar sticks. I also like to use lighter shades on lower lash lines to brighten the entire look :-)

  3. I love this product. I also have it in Sugar Frost but my favorite shade is Grey Pearl. Very easy to work with on the lid, but my favorite way to wear it is along the lower lash line.

  4. looks lovely, like how u did the pics, super cool :)

  5. Wow, I got my Dad to stop in at David Jones for me this past week to pick up the set of four, and the Laura Mercier MUA told him that he won't find a single set available ANYWHERE now, as they were SO popular. Boo to that. This looks AMAZING on you, and I think I'll now have to purchase one individually! Xx

  6. I haven't tried the caviar sticks, but you've pretty much convinced me that I need it! Especially this shade cause I really love the second way you use it :)



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