December 13, 2013

5 Looks With The Lorac Pro Palette

The Lorac Pro Palette would have to be one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes. While the shades are fairly natural you have enough selection of colours and finishes to create a variety of looks. Here are 5 ways that I wear it, of course for the creative ones out there there are a multitude of looks you can come up with.

1. Daytime smokey eye:
Light Bronze on the lid, Pewter in the crease and Mauve used to blend the edges.

2. Silver and gold cut crease:
White in the inner corner, Gold on the lid, Slate in the crease, Taupe used to blend and Black on the top lashline

3. Single colour smokey eye:
Garnet used all over the lid, on lower lashline and blended up to the crease.

4. Dark smokey eye:
Cream in the inner corner, Taupe on the lid, Espresso in the crease and lower lashline, Black in the outer V.

5. Simply contoured:
Nude in the inner corner, Cream on the lid and Taupe in the crease.

There you have it, 5 simple looks using the Lorac Pro Palette. I am yet to use Deep Purple, but all other shades get a regular loving from me.

Have you got the Lorac Pro Palette? What are your favourite colours to wear from it?


  1. Beautiful looks! I don't own the palette but I'd love to, I really like that there are a whole row of matte shades as good quality ones are hard to find in palettes and they're usually quite few and far between!

    1. I love all the matte shades in this palette, they are definitely of highest quality - smooth, buttery and easy to blend.

  2. Love the looks you created. The one shadow look with Garnet is stunning on your eyes!

    1. Thanks hun, that was definitely the easiest look to create but Garnet is just a stunning shade so it didn't need much work. xx

  3. Hope you're liking your Pro palette, it really is fantastic quality and Garnet is such an interesting shade!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! This is exactly the reason that the Lorac Pro palette is on top of my Christmas wish list this year :-)

    1. I hope Santa gets your list! It's definitely a must have in my opinion :)

  5. Gorgeous looks! I have the Lorac Pro palette and love it - it's one of my most reached for palettes! xx



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