August 31, 2013

Femme Boulevard #4: Smokey Eyes for Night

It's Femme Boulevard time again! Remember the last FB post was about smokey eyes for day time? Well this time around it's all about smokey eyes for night time. When it comes to smokey eyes for night time, the only thing I do different is line the inner rims of my eyes with black eyeliner. I feel that that is generally enough to make my eye look night appropriate, without making me have raccoon eyes.

For this eye look I decided to use my Almay Trio Eyeshadow for Brown eyes. Years and years ago I used to own this palette and loved it at the time, then a few weeks ago I repurchased it again and I don't know whether they've changed the formula or what, but the quality doesn't seem as good (too powdery). Never mind, it was still good enough for this look. I used the darkest shade on my lid and bottom lash line, then I used the medium shade in the crease, and the lightest shade on the brow bone in a kind of ombre-dark-to-light way. I then lined my inner rims with The Make Up Store darkest shadow eye pencil in Black, and finished off the look with L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black.

I left my cheeks and lips fairly light to tone down the overall dark eye effect. I used Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Dollface and Chi Chi lipstick in Shake That Booty.

And yes, these photos were taken during daytime. It would have been more appropriate for this look to have the photos taken at night, but having a toddler now we hardly go out at night anymore. Luca's got a habit of waking up exactly 1 hour after going to bed and then won't re-settle unless I'm there to shush him back to sleep, and taking him out with us at night is not an option due to his bedtime and all.

Anyway, hope you like the look, and as usual, don't forget to check out the looks that the other members of Femme Boulevard created.

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  1. Nothing is prettier than blue on brown eyes :) Gorgeous!

  2. Oh, I love that blue - makes your brown eyes pop :-)

  3. Your brown eyes come out beautifully like this! I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but you sure do :)

  4. Very well blended, so beautiful x

  5. I love a good smokey eye! Absolutely beautiful! :)

  6. Love this look...might have to try blues more! ;)



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