August 14, 2013

Bourjois Blush Exclusif: Your own bespoke colour in a pot

If you love blushes as much as I do, but can't decide what colour to get next why not get one that customises itself especially for you? I am of course talking about the new Bourjois Blush Exclusif* smart blush. It reacts to your skin's natural pH balance and turns into a unique pink especially for you.

Blush Exclusif is a cream blush that comes in a slimline compact. (Can I just add that it smells divine! A bit like candy.... nom nom nom). Anyway, in the pot it's a pale creamy pink, almost balm-like, but once you rub a finger on it you'll see it start to change colour.

Changing colour after I rubbed a finger on its surface

Here is the colour that it turned into on my skin.
L/R: Wrist swatch, cheek swatch

The fact that this blush changes colour is something you need to be careful of. It's easy to go heavy handed with this blush as you can't see the colour initially, it takes a few seconds to develop. So it's best to apply with a light touch, wait 10 seconds or so, then add more if needed.

Oh and I also wore this on my lips, but it didn't work. It's very drying on the lips as you can see from the pics. Best to leave it for where it's intended.
Excuse the messy hair, was having a lazy day!

Enough about its magic colour changing abilities. What about performance? Well, it is a cream blush so you can't expect it to last too long. On my dry skin it lasted 4 hours before I started seeing it fade (although I must add I have a habit of resting my face on my hands if I'm concentrating on something, e.g. reading, on computer, etc.). The best way to get this to last is to layer it under a matching powder blush, as that way you'll have a cheek colour that lasts the whole day.

RRP AUD $20.00
Available September 2013

PS: Did you know Bourjois has turned 150 years old? How crazy is that?! They have been going strong since 1863! Happy 150th Bourjois xo

What do you think of this blush? Is it something you'd try?

*PR sample


  1. Ohh definitely worth a swatch in boots!

  2. i would want to try this one for sure :)

  3. Wow, no way!! I think I absolutely need this, it looks gorgeous on you! Xx

  4. Very cool idea, I like the sounds of a PH cream blush!

  5. I love cream blushes as these look super natural on cheeks!This one looks like it has an amazing color performance!thanks for the lovely shatches and review!!

  6. It looks pretty and interesting how it changes color. Lets see when do i get to try it.




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