August 01, 2013

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Triple Threat

If you haven't yet tried the Ulta3 nail polishes I highly recommend that you do so soon. Not only can you get on trend colours with great formulas, they're only $2 each! You can usually get them in bargain bins at chemists, so next time you come across these definitely give them a try.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen the mani I'm about to show you. It's called Triple Threat* and is multi coloured glitter particles on an opaque black base.

In these photos I'm not wearing a top coat, just 2 coats of the Ulta3 polish, but I did end up topping it up with my favourite China Glaze top coat and it's coming up to day 7 and my nail polish is still intact.

Have you tried any of the Ulta3 polishes?

*PR sample


  1. It's gorgeous! Reminds me of a black glitter Illamasqua polish I love but the bottle shattered :(

  2. I love Ulta3!!! Seriously amazing for how little they cost! I'm loving the new collection too! I only got the stop the press and was trying to find the triple treat as well, but no luck so far!! After seeing your nails dressed in triple treat, now I want it even more :D


  3. I have not tried any Ulta3 nail polishes, I do like this polish though I might have to try it!

  4. I haven't but this is really pretty!

  5. I Ulta3 polish because the quality is so good for the price - this shade is gorgeous!

  6. Oh I am MISSING being able to buy Ulta3! Yes, there are beautiful polishes here for cheap but I am absolutely struggling to find gorgeous glitters! This mani is divine :-)

  7. Love this color! I'd wear it all winter long. :P

    ☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }



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