September 02, 2013

Instalife #1

Hi lovelies, for those of you that don't have Instagram but still want to see the randomness that I share there, here's a collection of photos that I posted last week, all while in France.

Click through for close up view of the pics ======>

 1. My first purchase in Paris. 2. My family in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral. 3. The incredible Notre Dame Cathedral.

 4. Absolutely addicted to sugar crepes. 5. Eating a giant meringue. 6. So many pastries, such little stomach space.

7. Luca watching the fountains in front of the Louvre pyramid. 8. The inside of the Pantheon. 9. Last day in Paris.

10. On the train from Paris to Nice. 11. Dinner in Old Nice. 12. The view from our apartment in Nice. 

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  1. Looks like you and you little family are having a fab time travelling!!! Bring me back a croissant from Paris sil vu ple :) just joking. XX

    1. Hi hun, yep we're having a great time! Travelling with a toddler is 100% harder but still fun and better than being at home, or worse, stuck at work! xx

  2. Lovely pictures :) You all look so happy :)

    1. Thank you, yes we're very happy. This was a long awaited holiday :)



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