September 21, 2013

Putting a No-UV gel nail polish to the test

I've never had gel nail polish done. While I love the look of it, and that it is so long lasting, the fact is I'm a bit scared of the damage the UV light, which is needed to cure it, may do to my own natural nails.  So a while back when I came across these gel nail polishes at the supermarket (Woolies, for those playing at home) and it said no UV needed I thought I'd give it a try!
The colours are L/R: Soft Pink and Jazzberrry

So, how do these stack up to the traditional gel polishes which can last up to 3 weeks? Here is how Soft Pink looks on my nails on Day 1, Day 7 then Day 10 at which point I couldn't stand the chipping and removed it promptly.

The Gelogic Nail Polishes are around $10 each. I admit I expected better results than I got with these. If I wasn't testing these out I would have removed the polish on Day 7, if not sooner. The wear time was fairly similar to standard nail polishes, and I can't say they were shinier than normal either. So while these aren't exactly bad nail polishes, they won't give you the long lasting effect of a traditional gel nail polish.

Have you had gel nails done? What has been your experience with them? 


  1. I love gel polish, I have the whole system at home and do them myself for almost a year now. It lasts for two weeks and then I remove it because the nails grow out. I have a post about that in my blog:
    Haven't noticed any damage and am super happy about that. It's hard to get back to regular polish since there's such a difference in how the polish looks.

  2. I've tried gel nails before but not this brand. I tried BioSculpture and ORLY - both stayed on for over 10 days - no-chipping. It was great!

  3. I haven't tried gel nail polish yet but it is on my list of things to try :)

    The polish looks really good at the start but I agree I would have removed at day 7 if not before!

  4. I haven't tried gel polishes but I have had gel nails done quite sometimes especially when I have some special occasions lined up and I have to say I really like the outcome. Though they are not good for nails all the time



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