April 18, 2013

CLOSED: Dove Pure review and Dove Hamper GIVEAWAY worth $120

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Remember how a few weeks ago I mentioned I was trialling a new deodorant? Well after using it for a few weeks here I am to tell you what I think.

What they say
Dove has created Dove Pure, an antiperspirant deodorant that contains the ingredients essential to help keep your underarms feeling dry all day and looking healthy, whilst removing unnecessary ingredients that can lead to irritation. In short, Dove Pure contains only what you really need. Nothing more.

Dove Pure contains:
- NO parabens
- NO colourants
- NO fragrance
- NO ethyl alcohol

Its unique formula has been specifically developed for those people who want effective 48hr protection but do not want discomfort or the unsightly signs of irritation. Like all Dove products, Dove Pure contains 1/4 moisturising cream to help keep your skin looking healthy.

What I say
  • I'm always on the lookout for a new deodorant that not only keeps me dry but also doesn't transfer onto my clothes. All the deodorants I've tried in the past, despite claiming to be transfer resistant, have in fact left white marks. Well I'm happy to say that Dove Pure didn't leave white marks on my clothes. I don't know whether not having any colourants made a difference, or if its just the formulation, but either way I had no white marks. What I did get though is white flakes IF I sprayed too much or from too close. But if sprayed from the recommended 15cm away there were no flakes. 
  • Will not sting your underarms even if you apply it straight after shaving. And no itchiness either. Definitely a plus! 
  • I usually apply this once in the morning and pretty much forget about it. On a normal day, i.e. non-humid or non-hot day a spray in the morning is enough to keep me dry. However on a hot day, or if I've been more active that day, I do need to reapply after about 8 hours. 
  • The spray comes in that standard spray bottle with a cap. I do wish that instead of the traditional cap it had one of those twist lock systems as I keep losing the cap in my handbag. 
  • The roll on gives the same level of protection as the spray, but what I liked about it is that it doesn't feel wet and clammy when you first apply it. That's a bonus as I hate that clammy feeling after applying a roll on. 
  • The fact that it contains no perfumes means you can wear your favourite perfume without it clashing with its scent.

The final words

It has been scientifically proven that Dove Pure can protect for up to 48 hours. Personally I did not actually test the 48 hour theory as that would have meant forgoing the shower for 2 days! On a normal day one spray in the morning after my shower was enough to protect me for the day, but on a hot day I did need to reapply after about 8 hours as I didn’t find it as effective. Some of its other selling points are that it will not irritate your underarms so it's great for those with sensitive skin, or if you spray it straight after shaving. Another big plus is that there is no scent to clash with your perfume. So if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a gentle but effective deodorant then definitely give this one a try.


I am giving away a Dove hamper valued at $120.76, containing:
  • 2 x Dove Men & Women Shampoo (RRP: $5.99 each)
  • 2 x Dove Men & Women Conditioner (RRP: $5.99 each)
  • Dove Face Scrub 130 ml (RRP: 10.99)
  • 2 x Dove Bar 2 Pack (RRP: $4.49)
  • Dove Men Face Cleanser 105ml (RRP: $7.69)
  • Dove Pure Roll On (RRP: $3.89)
  • Dove Pure Anti-Perspirant Spray (RRP: $5.25)
  • Dove Men Roll On 50ml (RRP: $3.89)
  • Dove Men Anti-Perspirant 122g (RRP: $5.47)
  • Dove Facial Foam 110g ($6.99)
  • Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion 250ml (RRP: $7.36)
  • Dove Body Lotion 400ml (RRP: $8.39)
  • Dove Women Bodywash 375ml (RRP: $7.36)
  • Dove Hair Treatment 200ml (RRP: 8.79)
  • Dove Clinical Deodorant (RRP: $14.73)
  • Dove Moisturiser 120ml (RRP: $120.76)

How to enter
To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below answering the following question: "What, in your opinion is the best part about Dove Pure"

This is open to Australian residents only and closes 5:00pm AEDST 24 April 2013. The winner will be picked by Nuffnang. For full terms and conditions see HERE

CLOSED: The winner is Candice. Candice has been contacted and the prize has been sent to her. 

Have you tried Dove Pure before? 
Is it something you would try? 


  1. No itchies or scratchies that don't make sense,
    I love that it has no fragrance,
    gentle on the skin, no irritation,
    Can use every day without hesitation!

  2. No white marks! The bane of my existence!

  3. I love dove I'm a big fan! Me and my daughters have sensitive skin so I can use dove for all of us without fear of rashes and irritation :) thanks for sharing your review an this competition! :) LLx

  4. No perfumes, cos when the deodorant fades it doesn't react to the chemicals on your skin!

  5. No alcohol as it irritates and drys my skin

  6. I like the fact that Dove Pure doesn't contain the "nasties" found in other deodorants yet it still works. Both important considerations when choosing a deodorant.

  7. I have really sensitive skin which is always being irritated, this sounds like a dream to use!

  8. No parabens and nasty stuff, because I heard that the lymph nodes in your underarm area are very sensitive. It is one of the key spots where Cancer shows itself! Not to scare anybody...but I read it somewhere.

  9. As a perfume lover, the best part for me is that it contains no fragrance. It means I won't have to choose between perfume and deodorant anymore. I can have both!

  10. I love the brand, so am keen to try this new deodorant. I love that it doesn't stain clothes - I hate when I have to chuck clothes out because the deodorant build up and discolouration have ruined them.

  11. I love Dove's products as they don't irritate my skin, they smell great, are affordable and because they have realistic models in their advertising!

  12. I love Dove products because they keep my skin moisturised and doesn't cause any irritations at all.

  13. You know what they say - "A spray a day keeps the odors away" - but Dove, as always, goes one better and makes it "An odor free-state for forty eight." There is nothing worse than getting to work/school and finding that you are already in need of more deodorant. I LOVE the idea of Dove's products lasting longer, and though I wouldn't want to test the claim, it's nice knowing that it is there.



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