November 18, 2012

Lancome Rouge In Love: take 2

I've already blogged about my love for the Lancome Rouge In Love lipsticks before, but I wanted to show you how the same colour can look so different on someone with a different complexion to me. 

My friend Ebony is here today doing a guest post reviewing Lancome Rouge In Love in Rose Boudoir (Click HERE for my review of the same shade).

First, a bit about Ebony including a pic so you can see how completely different her complexion is to mine. Ebony blogs over at The Four Of Us . She's a massive coffee addict who loves makeup, beauty therapy, photography, reading, shopping, road trips, swimming, cooking/baking, scrapbooking, sewing, and knitting/crocheting. Isn't she stunning? Well, over to you Ebony!


It is actually thanks to the lovely Lilit that I purchased this lipstick. I saw her rave review on her blog and just KNEW that one of these amazing tubes of magic had to go on my wish list. A little side note about that Wish List of mine though; it's generally the 'I-want-it-right-this-second' List. So I set off to peruse through, but for weeks there were no colours that took my fancy.

Until they re-stocked.

And then I was tossing up between Rouge In Love, Corail in Love, or Rose Boudoir, looking at swatches online and wanting them all at once, but finally settling on the stunning and vibrant rose-pink shade that is Rose Boudoir. 
lancome rouge in love rose boudoir
lancome rouge in love rose boudoir
Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick in "Rose Boudoir"

Oh my.

The gorgeous bold colour aside, the texture is truly just amazing! From first swipe, I was in love. The lipstick feels so incredibly lightweight and moisturising on my lips, and I am a big fan of the shine it also offers.

I applied this lipstick at 9am, and it lasted beautifully through two cups of coffee and lunch, before I needed to reapply. And I must say, even as the colour slowly wore away, the rose-tinted stain my lips were left with was also beautiful. 

I am most definitely a fan of these lippies, and my only dilemma is; what colour do I purchase next?


Thanks Ebony! Yep, the lippy looks so different on you. It looks much more vibrant and striking. That's how I want it to look on me!

To read more from Ebony don't forget to check out her BLOG or follow her on TWITTER.


  1. Aah this is just too beautiful :) and so flattering on you!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my post, lovely lady! I adore how differently this beautiful lipstick looks on the two of us! Xx

  3. This colour is so gorgeous! Also your model is so beautiful, how can she not make it look great ;)

  4. I mixed up a bunch of colours randomly today and it looks quite similar to this! Also, off topic, but Lilit, I read your 'hair issues' post and I wanted to asks you to try oiling your hair at least an hour before you wash it, as much as you can. That helps a LOT. I did an entire post of that on my blog sometime back!

  5. I adore these lippies! In fact, I have three of them now and they're in my top 9 fancy looking lippies sitting on the top of my vanity. Haha! <3 love them!

  6. wow this is such a gorgeous shade ..looks amazing on u



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