October 19, 2012

A perfect match - Lancome meet Bourjois

I love matching things - you know, shoes and handbags, scarves and belts, nail polish and lipstick. Here is my latest favourite colour match. Lancome Rouge In Love lipstick in Rose Boudoir (340B) and Bourjois Anti Choc No Chips nail polish in #25.
Bourjois nailpolish in #25; Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick in  Rose Boudoir

I'm really loving the Bourjois Anti Choc No Chips range of polishes as they seriously last a long time on my nails without chipping. I get 7 days of wear without any chips and only the occasional wear around the tips. Love it. In real life this colour has a lot more pink to it than I was able to capture in the photos, it's a cool toned pinkish coral which goes on totally opaque in 2 coats.

The Lancome Rouge In Love lipsticks have absolutely beautiful formulas, so moist and creamy and Rose Boudoir is no exception. I've already reviewed this lipstick in the past, but I love it so much it's getting another mention here on the blog!

Do you like to match your lips and nails? 
Or am I just a dag with my matchy-matchiness?


  1. oh my god that's lipstick is amazing!!!!!


  2. Every lipstick looks good on you!!!I'm impressed! :)

    1. Oh trust me, not every lipstick! I've just figured out which shades look bad and I stay away from them! :)

  3. Wow Loving that lipstick, I really love the concept of matching lips to nails, but it somehow never happens :(

  4. Beautiful colours. I wish I had nails like yours.
    x Marnie

  5. yes but occasionally... it is so matching

  6. Yes! I am matchy-matchy. But then again, sometimes I love the contrast of a mismatched look. As for the lippy & nail colour you've blogged about -- they are simply gorgeous together! x

  7. love love your lipstick and your nail polish :) looks so flattering on you

  8. Wow I found this combination this summer :D It's nice to see thet you found it , too!

  9. Oh wow this is a stunning combo! I just love matching colors, in the spring and summer, it feels very girly when you do it with pinks and peaches :D

  10. I really want to own a Lancome lipstick but I already have so many tubes of lipstick to go through!

  11. Such a beautiful match! Loving the colour :)

  12. Aw these colours are gorgeous. They look so amazing on you!



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