October 21, 2012

MAC Basics Haul, Swatches & EOTD

I think sometimes we get so carried away by new MAC collections that we end up ignoring the gems in the permanent lines. At least I do anyway. But this time when I was browsing the MAC AU website, besides adding the Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess (review HERE) lipstick to my cart, the only things I bought were some basics that are from the regular line. A couple of them are repurchases, and a couple are colours I'd wanted to try but didn't get around to.
MAC MSFN and Eyeshadow haul

Here's what I bought:

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium -  It's the best pressed powder I've used in a long time and I keep repurchasing it everytime I finish a pan. This is actually my 5th pan. It's silky smooth, helps set my foundation and above all it looks natural on my skin without giving a powdery finish.

MAC Retrospeck eyeshadow - I'd wanted this colour for a long time but everytime I went to buy it I kept talking myself out of it as it's too similar to a lot of other shades I have. This time I bit the bullet and got it anyway. Is it unique? No. Do I own similar shades? Yes. Do I regret getting it? No. It's a lovely white gold shade that's perfect as a highlight colour. It's definitely not a must have, but I'm glad I bought it as it has a lovely finish.

MAC Sketch eyeshadow - This was a last minute add to my cart. I'd seen a swatch of it on a blog (I forget where) and loved it, so decided to give it a try. And I'm so glad I did! It's a plummy/burgundy/brown shade with tiny bits of sparkle in the pan (which doesn't show on skin). It's a great alternative for doing smokey eyes. It looks great with brown eyes/olive skin, but I suspect if you have lighter colour eyes/skin it may make you look like you have a bruise. Swatch it first before buying.

MAC Vex eyeshadow - This is also a repurchase. It looks like a boring gray in the pan but it has a lovely duochrome finish with shimmery silver/pink through it. A great colour for highlighting or wearing all over the lid.

Here's a picture of the eyeshadows with flash as I feel in the pic above without flash you can't really see the true beauty of the shades. 

Here's what the eyeshadows look like swatched.
Swatches of MAC eyeshadows in Retrospeck, Sketch & Vex

And a quick EOTD wearing Retrospeck on the lid and Sketch in the crease.

Do you own any of the colours I've bought? 
Do you also get carried away with new collections and ignore the permanent lines?


  1. I swear by Retrospeck, it is a lot more yellow gold on me because I am much fairer than you, but I love it <3 I was just gifted a MSF in Light and am looking forward to using it when I finish the powder I am currently using.

  2. Loveee MSF's I use the darker shades as a contour sometimes - such handy products! Sketch is gorgeous I really must try it such a perfect color to wear in fall xxx

  3. Oh wow Vex is stunning! I have never seen that shade mentioned before, will be checking it out next time I'm at MAC :D

  4. Love your eyeshadow look! Sketch in the crease is absolutely beautiful :) xx

  5. Great colours and a stunning makeup :) Love it!

  6. I own all three and everytime I use Retrospeck, I remember why I love it so much!

  7. The eyeshadows are gorgeous! I am especially loving Retrospeck :)

  8. I have none of the items shown in your haul, but you have sold me on Sketch ..looks stunning ...surprisingly I have no items from any of the collections as of now and only basics .. am soon traveling to US and will add more basics ..

  9. I too absolutely adore the MSFN powder. And I've not got Vex, but am loving that colour! x

  10. These are so pretty on you! I haven't bought MAC in a while as the customer service puts me off every time.

    But I do love the look of those eyeshadows!

  11. Sketch is beautiful! it looks a bit intimidating in the pan but looks stunning on you when its blended out!


  12. I love sketch! A must-have for anyone with green eyes.

  13. Stunning make up especially vex! I remember when I used it in our party at long island catering halls last week, and all of the girls had gone crazy about it!



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