October 11, 2012

Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation Review & Photos

Regular readers of my blog will know about my issues with dry skin - it's dehydrated and flaky and I usually need extra creamy foundations to cover up the flakiness.  And as much as I love the idea of long lasting foundations I don't have good experience with those as they tend to make my skin look even drier. 

A while back I was sent this Innoxa foundation for review purposes and when I noticed it was long lasting I didn't have high hopes from it at all. But I will let you know that up until recently I wore this pretty much everyday.  The only reason I stopped wearing it is because I got a bit of a tan from taking long walks outside with the pram so the colour is too light for me now.  I actually haven't tried much from Innoxa before besides their matte lipsticks (I own so many of them, I love them!), so the foundation was a pleasant surprise.

Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation in Natural

What they say
Innoxa's Long Lasting Foundation is a silky medium coverage foundation that lasts for up to 16 hours. Containing a powerful blend of long wearing ingredients and light reflecting pigments this foundation stays fresh and natural making it the ideal addition to your daily beauty regime.  Enriched with Vitamins and Anti Oxidants to help firm skin and reduce fine lines, Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation infuses moisture into the deep layers of the skin, maintaining skin moisture balance.

What I say
  • A long lasting foundation that claims to "infuse moisture into skin"? - yep, absolutely true! You can see how moisturised my skin looks in the pic at the end of the post. 
  • It provides medium to full coverage depending on whether you apply with a brush (medium) or fingers (full coverage). 
  • As I have dry skin, upon initial application it looks a bit powdery on my skin but after about 30 minutes it "settles" and looks natural. 
  • This claims to last for 16 hours, but I've never worn it for that long. However it has lasted a 10 hour day for me with no issues.
  • I love the tube it comes in - it's very easy to squirt just the right amount of foundation without any wastage. Two squirts is enough for full coverage.

How does it look on the face?
As you can see from the photo below it provides pretty good coverage with slight powdery feel around my cheeks. However the powdery look goes away in 30 minutes or so.

The photo below is how Innoxa Long Lasting Foundation looks on my face after about 8 hours of wear. I wore it to a friend's wedding and as you can see it still looks pretty decent on, even though I did get a bit shiny due to being out in sun a lot that day.
Photo with flash

Available from Myer, Priceline and selected pharmacies.
Available in 5 shades - for details on available shades see website HERE.
RRP $29.95

Have you tried anything from Innoxa before?

*PR Sample as per my disclosure statement


  1. Love the foundation on you n you r one hot mamma Lilit .. u look amazing as always ..I haven't tried anything Innoxa

  2. That's really impressive after 8 hours of wear, it looked so fresh I assumed it was a photo of freshly applied foundation :)

    Beautiful as always Lilit!!

  3. I love Innoxa eye shadows and lipsticks, but I have yet to try their foundations :) this sounds really impressive!

    1. The lipsticks are fantastic aren't they? I just realised I hadn't done a post on any of my Innoxa lippies, I think I should! :)

  4. I quite liked it too, but I didnt get much more than 8 hours wear out of it...definitely not 16!

    1. On my dry skin it lasts 10 hours, which is still good. Seriously, who wants to wear foundation for 16 hrs anyway! :)

  5. This looks amazing on your skin! Definitely looks like my kind of foundation xo

  6. I refuse to believe that anything looks bad on you, such a stunner Lilit! I have problem with flaking skin and it makes it so hard to find foundation that sits nicely, so I will be picking this up if a colour matches me!

    1. So annoying having dry flaking skin isn't it? But on the plus side we don't get too shiny and oily looking. :)

  7. THANK YOU for posting a photo after 8 hours, this is exactly what I wanted to see, and all blogs should do this!!



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