November 13, 2012

How to determine your skin's undertone and the Nutrimetics Colour Wardrobe

Do you know what your skin's undertone is? Are you cool or warm? Or neutral? If you're unsure there are a few simple tests you can do right now to determine your skin's undertone.

Test 1 - the vein test
In natural light look at the inside or your wrists and forearms. See the veins there? Are they green or blue? If they're blue you're cool toned. If they're tinged green you're warm toned. If it's hard to determine if they're blue or green you're probably neutral.

Test 2 - the jewellery test
Do you look best in silver or gold jewellery? If unsure, ask a friend! If you look best in silver, you're cool toned. If you look best in gold, you're warm toned. Can you wear both with ease? You're a neutral!

Test 3 - the black/white test
What colour clothes look better on you? White or cream? Black or brown? If you look best in black/white then you're cool. If you look good in cream/brown then you're warm. Can you carry off all these shades? Then you're a neutral!

Nutrimetics Colour Wardrobe
So why is it important to know what your skin's undertone is? Because wearing shades that complements your skintone will make you look fresher, healthier and more vibrant. And for this reason Nutrimetics has launched a colour wardrobe of cosmetics for cool and warm skintones. Today I have some products* to show you from the new range which can be purchased from their website.

Nutrimetics Hydra Brilliance lipsticks
These are super creamy and highly pigmented lipsticks which come in 26 Cool and Warm shades. RRP AUD $25

Champagne (W) - creamy warm beige colour perfect to pair with a smokey eye
Geranium (W) - warm brick red colour, pair it with a winged liner for a modern pin up look
Bourbon (C) - cool browny plum shade, perfect autumn colour

Colour Impact Eyeshadows and Pure Touch Blush
The eyeshadows come in 24 shades, and similar to the lipsticks there are colours for Cool and Warm complexions. And best of all they can be used wet (for an intense look) or dry (for a wash of colour). The blushes come in 4 matte shades and retail for AUD $25. They eyeshadows are AUD $20.

Rosewood e/s (C) - this is a soft shimmery lilac colour and is my favourite of the lot. It's quite pigmented and great worn all over the lid.
Forest e/s (W) - this particular shade was quite chalky and required multiple attempts with the brush to get it to show up. Pity, because I really liked the olive green shade.
Fawn e/s (W) - even though this hardly shows up on my skintone, it is a great matte cream shade which can be used to blend out harsh lines.
Sienna blush (W) - this swatches very different to how it looks in the pan. In the pan it looks ike a dusty rose shade but swatched it's much warmer, almost bordering on orange. I'd say this would be better used as a bronzer and to contour, than as a blush.

Back to the Cool and Warm thing
So what happens if you wear makeup that doesn't suit your complexion?
Left: The normally gorgeous Jennifer Lopez looking decidedly sallow and unhealthy looking in cool shades. Right: Looking gorgeous and glowing in warm shades.

Do you know what your skin's undertone is? 
Do you pay attention to it when getting dressed and putting on makeup?

*PR Samples sent for consideration


  1. Love this Lilit, just worked out I'm neutral haha! I never thought I'd ever see JLo look anything but flawless, just goes to show we all have our bad days! x

    1. Yeay, I'm neutral too! :)
      And yep, poor J Lo, can't believe how bad she looks in that pic on the left! xo

  2. I'm always confused by the cool / warm thing. It always seemed to me that both pink and yellow undertones are warmer tones, but now I think I understand better at least how to tell the difference! This helps a lot so thank you!


  3. Thanks for this post!! It really helps a LOT!!:)
    Im asian and warm-toned :)

    The Misty Mom

  4. Thanks for the post! This is really helpful! Although I'm getting mixed results for each test...or I just can't tell what colours look good on me! Eeeeep!


  5. I used to be so confused!!!i have come to the conclusion that i am slightly warm!!It's not that i look bad with cool tones but i look better in warmer ones!this has been really helpful!thank you!!

  6. Oh No! J Lo!

    Always thought I'm warm, but perhaps I'm a Neutral too, yet leaning towards Warm sometimes... but not too warm either, if that makes sense! Haha!

    Wow those lippies look so gorgeous on your lips - you pull them off very well! All of them!!

  7. Love this post... Im def warm but I look good in black and white... So... Does that mean Im a neutral??? lol This is so confusing jejejejej

  8. that first jlo picture is horrific! LOL i mean!

    great post! i always have issues with what my undertone is and this is very helpful :)

  9. thanks for the post!! I think I am more cool toned! but I love some warm tone things!

  10. Im impressioned for que questionary, really is very interesting and is true.
    I like so much the post I have lerned much!
    I'm definitively cool undertone.

    Congratulations for your blog. Regards from Spain!

    P.S. I follow you!



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