February 01, 2012

Does your skin need saving? (+ a giveaway)

Quick quiz - when does your skin need saving the most?

"In the summer when the sun is burning down"
"In the autumn when the gusty winds are wrecking havoc on your complexion"
"In the winter when indoor heating gives you dry skin"
"In the spring when getting caught in an unexpected sun-shower can wash away the moisture from your skin"
"Or if you live in Melbourne, where you have all 4 seasons  in one day!"

The answer is all year round! And that's why I've teamed up with Vaseline to give one lucky Makeup and Macaroons reader the chance to win a WHOLE YEAR'S SUPPLY of their Aloe Fresh Daily Body lotion with SPF 15!!!

"Even a few minutes under the sun can begin to damage & dry your skin"

Actress Kate Ritchie is a fan!

Skin facts...

Before we get to the giveaway, here are some interesting skin facts than everyone needs to know, whether you're a beauty junkie or not! HINT: You will need to know these facts to enter the giveaway.
  1. There are two different kinds of sun rays which can cause our skin serious skin damage – UVA and UVB
  2. As much as a short walk from the train to work is enough to cause incidental sun exposure
  3. More than 47% of Australian women rate dry skin as the number one skin concern, while less than 40% use a body lotion daily.
  4. One of the major causes of dry skin for Australian women is UVA damage from incidental sun exposure
  5. UVA ray strength remains much the same all year round – causing constant dryness and ageing 
  6. UVA rays can cause premature ageing, wrinkling of the skin and indirectly contribute to skin cancer formation while UVB rays can cause skin to burn.
  7. Lack of sun protection is dangerous – skin cancers now account for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers

    How to enter...

    • Head on over to the Vaseline Official Facebook page and "like" it 
    • Use one of the 7 skincare facts I wrote about above and fill out the entry form housed on the Vaseline Facebook page
    • Say which blog you've come from (Makeup and Macaroons)

    It's as simple as that!

    The fine print...

    This promotion is open to residents of Australia aged 18 years or over. Entries will open on Wed 1st February at 10am AEST and close Wed 29th February at 5pm AEST. The winning entry will be selected at random, from all correct and eligible entries received during the entry period. The winner will be drawn within one week of close of entry at Contagious Agency premises. Makeup and Macaroons has no say over who wins. You CAN enter more than once, and there will be one winner chosen from the 7 other participating blogs so that's a total of 8 chances for you to win! Details of the other bloggers can be found on the Vaseline FB page. For full terms and conditions click HERE.

    So, what are you waiting for? Go go go....

    Disclaimer - This giveaway is hosted on behalf of Vaseline. I am not paid to host this giveaway.


    1. thankyou, some skin facts wasnt aware off have entered thank for a chance ♥

    2. I wasn't aware of all of those skin facts, scary stuff! Just entered, thanks hun!



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