October 27, 2014

Travel Essentials - Beauty Directory Expert Panel review

As you may already know I'm on the Beautydirectory Expert Panel, and this month I was asked to review this Bon Voyage kit consisting of a few travel essential. And as someone who's gone from taking 16 lipsticks to a weekend away to taking only a 13kg suitcase for a 3 month South American holiday I'd say I know a thing or two about travel essentials.

So here's what's in the kit, and my thoughts on each item.

Jojoba Company Travel Essentials Pack - $24.95
This pack, which comes in a reusable travel pouch, contains 5 products from Jojoba - A facial cleanser, a hydrating day cream, an overnight cream, a hand cream and pure jojoba oil. There's enough product here to last you between 2-4 weeks, and it really does contain all the essentials you need to keep to a skincare routine while travelling. One thing to note though is there is a strong lemon scent from most of the products which depending on your preferences you may or may not like. For me the scent is too strong, which is the only downside to this kit.
BEST FOR: A week's getaway to a luxury spa resort. 

BioElixia Body Shaper Multi Purpose Rescue Balm - $24.95
Ok I admit, when I saw this I thought, seriously peeps, when I'm travelling I'm not going to worry about my cellulite because the name Body Shaper gave me the impression it's a cellulite cream! But no, it's actually a multi purpose balm which you use on dry skin, on suburb, on razor rashes and even for nappy rash! It's very lightweight, and a tiny bit s all that's needed to hydrate and soothe skin.
BEST FOR: An adventure holiday when you want to pack light yet still need that 1 product for a range of skin conditions. 

Bioelements Travel Light Age Activist Kit  - $59.90
This contains 2 eye creams (AM and PM versions) and 2 day creams (AM/PM) in handy little travel sized jars. There's enough product to last you a week or two, and the products themselves are packed full of vitamins. It's available through www.absolutespa.com.au
BEST FOR: Long haul flights when you want to keep nourishing your skin.  

Swisspers Rosehip Rejuventating Facial Cleansing Wipes
I love cleansing wipes, in fact when travelling I don't bother taking cream/liquid cleansers with me and only take wipes (yes, I know they don't give as thorough a clean as a proper cleanser but hey I'm on holidays, I can't be bothered). These were very moist and easily removed all traces of makeup. The only parts I had trouble with was getting rid of waterproof eyeliner (Inglot Gel Liner), but then even my usual cleansers have trouble with it. Major yes from me.
BEST FOR: All your travel needs. 

Vidal Sassoon AC Pro Twist Dryer - $49.95
I love when hairdryers have a handle that folds down. Not only is it handy for travel packing, but even for general storage. This dryer surprisingly has a strong motor unlike travel dryers of the past which means it dries hair as quickly, and it also has a cold shot button to set styles. Also unlike other mini-travel dryers of the past, this comes with a concentrator nozzle and a volumizing diffuser. In fact you don't need to be travelling to use this, it has everything the average person would need for at home hair styling. Oh and it also comes with a travel bag.
BEST FOR: That glamorous European getaway.

There you have it, some travel essentials and my thoughts on them. Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your essentials?

*PR Samples provided as part of the BD Expert Panel. 

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