October 12, 2014

Mini Inglot Haul and Review

Inglot is one of my favourite brands, their eyeshadows are just out of this world (yes, better than MAC in my opinion), and their prices are very reasonable. I used to buy a lot more of their products in the past but then for a while every single Inglot store that was close to me closed down and their website isn't very user friendly, so I stopped buying things from them. But.... I discovered that they had opened up a store in my local Westfields again, yay! So one lunch time from work I popped over and got reacquainted with the brand.

Here's what I picked up.

Eyeshadows in #153 (silvery taupe) and #421 (shimmery chocolate)
Sculpting Powder in #504
Blush/powder Compact with Brush to put Sculpting Powder in
Gel Eyeliner in #77

The eyeshadows are amazing quality, very soft and buttery, easy to blend, highly pigmented and absolutely no fallout. If someone was to tell me that for the rest of my life I could only use one brand's eyeshadows I would choose Inglot.

The sculpting powder is also of the same high quality, very pigmented so a light touch is necessary. The colour is perfect for my current skin tone, but I might pick up the slightly warmer #505 in case I tan up in summer. It's also matte, which is what you want from a contouring powder.
L/R: eyeshadows in #153 and #421, sculpting powder in #504

The gel eyeliner, hmmm, I can see I'm going to have a love/hate relationship with it. Love it because it's super black, very creamy and easy to apply, it's budge proof, doesn't flake and lasts the whole day. But... remember I said it's budge proof? Well, it takes some good scrubbing to wash off with my normal cleanser (I'm not about to get a new cleanser just for this). Also it dries my eyelashes. Yes, lashes. I always end up getting some on my lashes as I apply this, and this dries really quickly on my lashes and makes it crunchy, thus making it hard to apply mascara on top. So in conclusion, love the effect of it but it's too much hard work to remove, plus I hate that it crunches up my lashes.
Inglot gel eyeliner in #77

Here they are all in action. (The blush is Milani Baked Blush in Bella Rosa and the lipstick is Avon in  Pink Lily).

Have you tried Inglot makeup? Any favourites?


  1. I still haven't tried anything from Inglot - there aren't any stores near me! Their stuff sounds so amazing though, their eyeshadows are stunning! The sculpting powder seriously looks perfect, it's nice and cool-toned!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. those eyeshadows look amazing!!! I really need to get out and buy some

  3. What gorgeous eyeshadow shades, i love them!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. I just redeemed a bunch of Inglot things when I went there for makeovers, your choices look really nice, too :)



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