June 08, 2014

Maybelline Nude Lippy

Believe it or not there used to be a time when I only ever wore nude lipsticks. I even used concealer on my lips to completely wipe out my natural lip colour before applying a nude lipstick so the lippy didn't come out too dark. Yep, I used to be THAT afraid of any colour on my lips. Then somehow, well thanks to blogging, I discovered my love for bright lipsticks and completely forgot my nudes.

Recently I saw the newly released Maybelline nude lipsticks at my local chemist and I don't know what it was but decided that I must own one of them. The colour that appealed to me most was Tantalizing Taupe but there were 6 shades in the range.

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Tantalizing Taupe

What can I say about this lippy? It didn't wow me. It's a nude, it's kinda boring. But you know what? It's also the kind of colour that's low maintenance and doesn't require much effort to wear which is great for those lazy days when you know you should be making an effort with your appearance but just can't be bothered going to much trouble. The colour is semi glossy and fairly creamy, lasts about 4 hours and best of all won't give you concealer lips. I carry it in my handbag all the time just in case I forget to wear a lipstick one day (come on Lilit, really? Like that will ever happen?) as the shade will go with all outfits. 

Here's how it looks on the lips - not wow-worthy, but not horrible either. Note that I have lined my lips with a lipliner (Nabi liner in Natural) as otherwise there was not much definition against my skin tone. 

The Maybelline ColorSentational lipsticks are $16.95 but to be quite honest you can pick them up on sale most of the time for less than that. 

Are you a nude lipstick lover?


  1. This looks incredible on you!


  2. I'm glad to see the colour and I agree with the comment above, it looks lovely on you. Did u cover ur entire lips with liner?? I saw these at the chemist also but they didn't have any open to swatch them so after a little look I walked away. This colour looks nice. I admit I'm not a lippy person and avoid colours, well avoid lipsticks for the most part so I was pretty excited to see some new TRUE nudes reappear. I found the so called nudes from last year not really nudes if that makes any sense at all lol but the 'nude' on ur lips does make me think 'wow'! And four hours for a maybelline lippy is pretty good staying power! Does it leave ur lips dry after using it? Sorry for all the questions, I bought several last year and any that said they had staying power really dried my lips out which I hate. Thanks for the review and I hope ur able to answer my questions :)

    1. Hi Helen, I know exactly what you mean about last year's Nudes not being Nudes at all! From memory they were more browny/plumy shades than nudes. Re your questions, most of the time I apply the lipliner on my entire lip but in this case I've only outlined with it so the colour you see is the actual colour of the lipstick. And yes, it's quite drying after it wears off. If you're after a true nude lippy that's not too drying I'd recommend you check out the Rimmel Kate lipsticks (numbers 3, 7 and 14 are nudes of various shades) and also Chi Chi Cosmetics lippy in Hollywood Heiress. They're all much more pigmented so you wouldn't even need a lipliner with those, and definitely much creamier than this one. Hope it helps!



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