May 11, 2014

NARS Habanera Eyeshadow Duo - review & swatches

I had been lusting after the NARS eyeshdow duo in Habanera for a long long time, but they were never in stock whenever I checked my local Meccacosmetica. Plus, ummm, did you know the NARS e/s duos used to cost around $70AUD here? They've now been reduced to $55 but I still think that's a lot to pay for 2 eyeshadows. So how come I've got it now? Because I picked it up at Tine's blog sale for a fraction of the price! Yay.

Anyway, back to Habanera shall we?

What I've found with the NARS duos is they're a bit of a hit and miss. There's always one colour that's smooth and buttery, and another that's chalky and dry. (I've got Dogon and Rajasthan, both picked up at blog sales as well and both have one good and one bad shadow). That's definitely the case here too. The silvery green on the left is smoooootthhh. It's pigmented. It's everything you'd want from a high end eyeshadow. And the matte purplish plum? Meh. It's chalky. It's dry. But... don't write it off yet. Because it's a dark colour, the lack of pigmentation is actually not a bad thing because you're less likely to make mistakes with it as you'll be building up the colour gradually.

The colour combination of green and purple together is just beautiful and it's great to use for a smokey eye which is different from your usual greys and browns. My favourite way to wear it is wearing the purple in the crease and the green on the lid and bottom lash line, but I've also worn the purple all over the lid and crease with the green just in the inner corners for a highlight.

Overall I'm quite happy I got this, but it's not a must have for me. Especially not at the full price it sells for.

Have you got any NARS eyeshadows? What do you think of them?


  1. Habanera was the first duo from Nars that I bought and I really LOVE it! Whenever I wear it, I receive a lot of compliments and one of my friend decide to buy it because of me lol :-)

    1. It's an unusual combination of colours isn't it, but they work so well together. I'm glad you love yours, I'm beginning to love mine too! :)

  2. Very Prettyyy!



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