May 31, 2014

Femme Boulevard: Graphic Makeup

For this month's Femme Boulevard post the girls decided on the theme of Graphic makeup. What does that even mean? A quick Google search returned lots and lots of pictures of girls with thickly drawn eyeliner, sometimes in very exaggerate ways. But I couldn't find any site to actually define what graphic makeup is. So I turned to the trusty old Dictionary which defined graphic as vivid, clearly outlined, drawn. Drawn you say huh?

So I decided to do a graphic lip look, something very drawn, heavily outlined - basically something I wouldn't be wearing out of the house! I took inspiration from pop art, and the result is this.

Ok ok, that was a heavily edited version. Let's see how it looks minus the Pop Art effect.

Aaghhh, still Pop-Arty!

To achieve this very wearable (not!) lip look I first applied MAC Riri Woo matte lipstick, then outlined my lips with black liquid eyeliner (by Cool Betty) whilst applying the same black on some of the creases of my lips, then added a Sleek Pout Paint in Cloud 9 (pure white) in strategic places of my lips for highlight.
Products used: Sleek Pout Paint in Cloud 9, MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick, Cool Betty Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Would I wear this out of the house? Hell no! Maybe if I was going to a fancy dress party.

And just for fun... as you can tell I was having too much fun with the photo editor (I use iPiccy if interested).

What do you think of my interpretation? Why don't you check out what the rest of the girls have come up with?

HERE is Teri's post.
HERE is Joey's post.
HERE is Kate's post.


  1. you did such a great job with the lips!
    A Beautiful Zen

  2. Skillz, woman! :D I would never have thought of this in a million years but it's just perfect for this theme! And you still look gorgeous -- if you wore this out I'd stare at you but in an entirely positive way. Possibly before being arrested for indecent assault. Hmm.

  3. Love this one, too!!! Amazing job!

  4. Omg, you did so well! I love this type of make-up so much, it's so much fun! Love it!

  5. That's so cool, you did a fantastic job!! Fun! :D

  6. Oh WOW!! Lilit, this is such a fantastic and artistic look --- it's beyond what I have imagined, love love love xx



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