January 28, 2013

5 to Try: Easy updo hairstyles

Since having a baby I've been in a bit of a hair rut. I put my hair up in a bun about 90% of the time because if I wear my hair down my cheeky little 6 month old just grabs and pulls it. Hard. But just putting hair up in a bun is a bit boring, so here are 5 easy updo hairstyles to get me (and you) out of a hair rut!

  1. This textured sock bun tutorial makes it look so easy, and best of all the textured style means it would work well on unwashed hair too. 
  2. Here is another simple sock bun tutorial, but this one is dressed up with a pretty hair clip.
  3. This is a video tutorial and Kate makes it look very simple follow the instructions. The updo is very pretty and ladylike, probably best to reserve it for special occassions.
  4. This one is perfect for those really lazy days when you can't even be bothered washing your hair. Just put it up in a bun and wrap a scarf around it!
  5. You can't have a hair post without featuring something from Christina's blog. Hair Romance has all things hair, and this twist and pin hairstyle looks very easy to do.

Hope you enjoy!

Do you find yourself stuck in a hair rut? 
What's your go-to hairstyle for busy days?


  1. Love these styles.... great tips I must admit I have attempted to follow one of these up do's and the memory makes me laugh... Lets just say i have no natural talent with my own hair and the outcome should have been photographed... I will attempt again thanks. Kylie www.salonsavers.com.au

  2. I downloaded Christina's two ebooks and and been twisting and braiding since Christmas. I haven't had this much fun with my hair since I was in high school!

  3. Thank you so much for including me! I'm honored:)

    PS Good luck with keeping your little one's hands from pulling out your hair! I work in pediatrics in {nearly} feel your pain.


  4. Great tips - I've got long hair, and pretty much always have my hair in either a pony or a bun, which does get very boring!!

  5. Lilit these are awesome tips which I will definitely try. I have long hair that I wear up during the working week so that I don't have to heat style (who has the time), and I have being on the hunt for some great bun-style ideas!! Yeah!!!



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