August 10, 2012

Product Review: Vanessa Megan Anti-Aging Serum

If you've read my previous skincare posts you'll know that I'm generally not keen on trying out new skincare products. I have a few select products that I use and since they work so well, why change? However when I was offered the chance to try this Vanessa Megan Anti-Ageing Serum I said yes. Why? Because it promised to plump dehydrated skin, and boy was my skin dehydrated! When I was still pregnant all those hormones had wrecked havoc with my skin. It was extremely dry, dehydrated and due to loss of moisture the lines around my eyes were more pronounced. My regular skincare products were no longer enough.

Vanessa Megan Kakadu Plum Anti-Ageing Serum
This serum focuses on a new technology of marine actives combined with the powerful of Kakadu Plum. This super hydrating serum combines the potent Marine Hyaluronic Acid and a marine algae offering double hydration and moisturisation with visible plumping, skin tone, elesticity and reduced sagging. - VM website
Kakadu Plum {Image Credit}

For the last 6 weeks or so I've been applying it once or twice a day. It's a very lightweight serum that soaks into the skin in no time at all. The fresh fruity scent is light and very pleasant. In terms of plumping the skin, my skin does feel less dry than normal. And I might add just after Luca was born when this sleep deprived mumma had no time for moisturisers let alone a serum, my skin went so dry that it was flaky in places, and I swear I saw wrinkles form overnight! But after I started up with this serum again almost from the next day the flakiness disappeared.

The serum alone is not enough for my skin, so I follow it with my regular moisturiser. However if you have normal skin I imagine this alone will be fantastic to quickly hydrate and moisturise.

It's $48 for a 15ml pump bottle from the Vanessa Megan website. I've been using my little bottle almost daily for over 6 weeks and have only used up a quarter of the bottle, so it is good value as you only need a little bit at a time.

Have you heard or used Vanessa Megan products? What are your skincare essentials that you can't live without? 

*PR Sample provided for consideration

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  1. Pregnancy did the exact same thing to my skin - it was shocking this time around. 1st pregnancy - acne, 2nd one dehydrated and wrinkly and, like you, it onl got worse after the birth as I was too tired/lazy/busy to do anything about it! This serum sounds gorgeous...might need to investigate as 3 months on my tired/lazy/business hasnt disapared!



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