August 06, 2012

Guest Post - Top 5 blushes under $10

Today we have a guest post by Shang J from the Feminine Crusade blog who shares with us her top 5 blushes for under US $10. For more information about Shang J, including where to find her on the world wide web check the end of this post. 


Who can resist these five gorgeous, budget-friendly blushes?

Hard Candy Fox in Box – Spicy and Sweet (US $6.00)

After eyeing the Benefit Box O’ Powders I decided to quench my desire with the similar looking Hard Candy Fox in a Box. This falls among my sheer blush collection (not that I have many). I am a lover of bright, vivid, one-swipe shades. This is none of them. But this cute little thing is perfect for a soft peachy glow. I use all the colours together, because no matter how huge this appears in the picture, in real the quads are pretty small.

Beautyuk Stripey Blusher – no.3 Pink (US $5-6)

Yes yes I do like stripes and quads and duos more than one tone blushes! This is more pigmented than Hard Candy’s blush. A soft pink with slight silver shimmer! It is my favourite pink blush. The white stripe in it can used as a highlight too.

Sleek MakeUP Blush – Pan Tao (US $6.00)

This was a limited edition blush and I am so glad I bought this matte, bright orange beauty. It looks very flattering on my face and I totally love its pigmentation; the best thing about all Sleek blushes. It is pretty long-lasting too. Trust me buy ANY blush from Sleek’s collection and you won’t be disappointed.

NYX Powder Blush – Pinched (US $6.50)

NARS Orgasm – who doesn’t rave about it? The raves got to me too, sending me on a dupe hunt. Sleek’s Rose Gold and NYX’s Pinched are the two closest to Orgasm. Pinched is peachy pink with subtle gold shimmer which gives such a beautiful glow.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush – Pink Frosting (US $6.00)

This blush has been sadly discontinued replaced by the sheer Dream Bouncy Blushes, which are nothing close to as good as these. This one is a cool-toned bubblegum pink with gold shimmer. This mousse blush has a very velvety texture and lightweight feel.

swatches (L-R): Hard Candy Spicy & Sweet, Beautyuk Pink Stripey, Sleek Pan Tao, Maybelline Pink


Thank you Shang! 

Shang is a 22 year old beauty junkie who combines her love for beauty, shopping and writing on her blog. She raves and reviews about all things feminine, helping you find your budget beauty buys. 

For more from Shang don't forget to checkout her Blog or her other social media sites.


  1. Love these kind of posts, I am always looking for cheap alternatives that also deliver in the quality department. I got my eyes on that Sleek blusher for the past three months, maybe I'll bring it home this week :)

  2. Lovely post :) I think its time I try a dream mouse !

  3. I love the matte orange of Pan Tao, so so pretty. Pan Tao I'm reaching out for you.

  4. I'd like to try the NYX blushes. I love Sleek products!

  5. Thank you for this guest post. Makes my day! ♥

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for doing a great guest post! :-)

  6. I love this post!
    I am in love with blushes and am definitely a watch-my-budget kind of girl. Hehe <3

  7. Love that Sleek blush, I have it and really need to wear it more often. Beautiful pictures!

  8. The one from Hard Candy looks sooo pretty!

  9. great post Shang, pinched looks great:) x

  10. Thank you, Shang! That dream mousse blush is dreamy!



  11. Great post I love NYX pinched!

  12. OMG! Hard Candy Fox in Box in Spicy and Sweet must by one of my absolute favorite blush EVER!



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