April 19, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush - Sensuous Rose

True story. While getting parts of our house renovated we stayed at my mum’s place and one morning as I was putting my makeup on my mum asked if there was enough light in the room for me. When I asked why, she said I’d overdone my cheeks as they were too bright. So I took my mirror, went outside and looked at my cheeks in natural light. They were just the right level of brightness that I normally do.

Where I’m getting to with this is, I love bright blushes - NARS Desire, Illamasqua Hussy & Laid, Barry M Rose – the brighter the better! But of course there are days when even I want just a subtle flush on my cheeks, and Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Sensuous Rose is perfect.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush
Estée Lauder introduces a new generation of cheek colour with NEW Pure Color Blush.
Now cheeks are vibrant with fresh, radiant colour in an expansive new palette of shades that embrace a diverse range of skin tones. High-performance technology combines with skin-loving ingredients in this ultra-silky, modern powder blush to add instant dimension and glamour to the face, from a soft flush of colour to dramatic contours that last all day.

A luscious new palette of bold brights and subtle hues, with a chic, modern point of view that fits seamlessly
into the world of Pure Color: 
9 chic cheek shades of nudes, pinks, peaches and sensual plums add a caress of modern glamour to the
From subtle to sublime, the palette enhances cheeks of every skin tone with a subtle radiance and feminine sheen. 

I attended a blogger event a while back, and this was in my goody bag. At first I thought it would look too pale for me, but it's actually one of those shades that gives a subtle, lit from within sheen to cheeks.

Even for such a light shade it is still nicely pigmented, and because it's finely milled it's a dream to apply.

I especially love wearing this blush when I'm doing a much brighter eye look, as that way I won't have my eyes and cheeks compete with each other for attention. Like in this pic below where I've done a mint green eye, I think if I'd gone for a brighter cheek I would have looked like a clown! Whereas Sensuous Rose is perfect. 

The Pure Color Blushes will be released here in Australia on 22 April 2012 with a RRP of $60AUD.

What type of blushes do you like? 
Bold and bright or subtle and natural?

*PR Sample


  1. I am like you in that I love nothing better than a heavy/bright blush! This one seems like a lovely wearable shade that would be great for bright eye looks. Estee Lauder have some really lovely products!

    1. Another fellow bright blush addict! Yeay :-)

  2. looks so different on the skin from what it looks like in the pot! hate that about makeup products but gives you a glow :) looks lovely!

    1. On my cheeks it pulls more browny pink, it might just have to do with my own skin's undertones. But it is a lovely soft glowy blush.

  3. I'm a subtle blush fan so this shade's up my alley! I'm so pale I have to be careful I don't get clown cheeks with OD'd blush, hehe!

    1. I used to wear subtle blushes before but I just feel that I look ill if I don't do bright cheeks anymore. But yes, can't OD on blush and look like an 80s throwback!

  4. I love bright cheeks too and my mom says the same thing,haha! This color looks lovely though :)

  5. love this color! it looks great :)
    just started following!
    check out my blog? notoriouseyes.blogspot.com

  6. great for a natural flush look :)

  7. I adore a bright blush, Nars Exhibit A is my all time favourite! This is a gorgeous subtle shade though!
    Sharleena xx

  8. hm i think i chose blusher after my mood. so sometimes it's very bold, and sometimes not even visible.
    but i didn't think this was blusher was in the bright department, but maybe that depends on the light, like your mom said haha! it looks good anyway!//Azure

  9. I have TERRIBLE lighting in my room, so i've learned to love bright bold cheeks. 8D; Subtle flushes of color just tend to make me look like i've broken out (is that normal?) whereas bolder blushes make it clear that i'm going for an aesthetic effect. My happy mediums are peach and orange blushes, which manage to look fairly natural on me without losing their intensity.



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