April 11, 2012

SAX Perfect Brow - brow shaping kit review with before & after pics

Aahhh eyebrows... we spend our teenage years plucking them to oblivion and then regretting it as we get older and notice that our brows have thinned out and stopped growing in certain spots. I know I do.

Eyebrows are so important to your appearance - the right brow shape can make your face look thinner,  your eyes bigger, and give a more youthful look overall. I took some celebrity pics from Google images and used Picasa to wipe off their eyebrows just to show what a difference brows make!
Is it just me or do they look kind of angry without brows?

In my high school years I used to have the skinniest brows because I thought that was cool and sophisticated. And it wasn't until someone told me that skinny brows make me look at least 10yrs older than I was at the time that I put the tweezers away and tried to grow them. But unfortunately years of over plucking have left my brows patchy so I rely on brow pencils and powders to fill them in and give them shape.

SAX PERFECT BROW - Brow Shaping Kit $14.95aud
Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts on this brow shaping kit by Australian brand SAX Cosmetics which was sent to me for review purposes.

The kit contains:
  • 1 taupe brow powder
  • 1 medium brown brow powder
  • 1 brow pomade
  • 1 highlighting powder
  • 1 slant tweezer
  • 1 mirror (on the lid)
  • 1 dual ended brush
  • 3 brow stencils
  • Step-by-step instructions

SAX Brow Shaping Kit in action
First things first. I've never been impressed by brushes and tweezers that are included in kits like these, and today is no exception. The tweezers weren't able to grab my fine eyebrow hairs, and the brush (both ends) was too thick to give a precise line. So I tossed these aside and concentrated on the actual powders and pomade using my own, much thinner, brow brush. I also didn't use the stencils as the shapes didn't match my own brow shape. Here's the outcome.

Warning - horrible close up photos of my brows ahead!

At first I didn't follow the instructions and used the pomade after I'd filled in my brows with the dark brown powder. And you know what happened? The pomade smudged the powder! Hmmm... Ok, I'd better read the instructions then.

The second time I actually read the instructions and noticed I was using the pomade wrongly... oops.

How you're supposed to use it is:
  • First brush on the pomade to shape and tame the brows
  • The use the brow powder (I used the dark brown) and fill in/darken over the pomade
  • Finish by brushing on the lighter colour highlight powder on the brow bone. 

So, using the correct method of powder after pomade I was able to define my brows properly, without smudging, which lasted all day.

Final thoughts
If you ignore the tweezers and brush, the powders and pomade are of great quality. The colours look natural, I experienced absolutely no powder fallout and above all the pomade made the entire look last all day without smudging. Overall it's a great value kit, and even if you forget the tweezers/brush, it works out at less than $4 per powder/pomade.

The SAX Perfect Brow Shaping kit sells for $14.95aud at pharmacies across Australia and NZ. Click HERE for stockist details.

How do you shape your brows?

*PR Sample.


  1. oh wooooow! looks great ... may be we will see more "whole face" pics? :)

    1. Thanks hun, and yes I'll have to do some more FOTDs soon!

  2. lol, cool pic! haha, I never try to draw my eyebrows because they are thick, though I groom them neatly.


    1. Oh you're very lucky, I HAVE to draw them on as I've thinned them out too much.

  3. This sounds good - all the decent brow powder products I've used had to be bought online! It's nice to hear about some actually in Oz :)

    1. It's a new release actually, so I'm glad we're getting some cheap ones out here in the OZ market that's actually of good quality!

  4. works really well i was lucky with my brows i went to a salon who is a brow expert and she gave my face a beautiful frame :) my eyebrows and face are thankful :)

    1. Oh so lucky, I need to get myself to a salon too and get the professional treatment!

  5. They look great! I love a good eyebrow (or two haha) :-)

    1. Same here! They're the first things I notice on anyone's face :-)

  6. The pictures without brows look bad... very bad.
    This product seems good and it makes your brows really pretty.

    1. I know, it makes such a big difference to see people without eyebrows! We look almost alien-like without them. :-)

  7. Your brows look great, mine are a right mess at the moment, need to sort them xx


    1. Fringe/bangs are great for sorting unruly brows! I love having a fringe as I could just hide behind them, LOL.

  8. Don't worry about your "thin" brows Lilit! I used to shave mine off so they've always been afraid of growing back in. I have the hugest gap between them ~sob~.

    I love what the brow kit did for you, and the way you look with a strong, defined brow.

  9. haha that's so freaky! They look much better with brows




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