April 06, 2015

The Makeup Framer

You know how sometimes makeup is just too pretty to hide in your draws and you want to show it off? Well, here's an idea of how you can show off your pretty eyeshadows - in The Makeup Framer!

The Makeup Framer is created by a fellow beauty lover, Emily, as a way of not only showing off your makeup, but also to store your pan eyeshadows and blushes in the one easy to see spot. Practical and pretty!

The palette itself is a beautiful white frame with a magnetised base that you can stick your pan eyeshadows to. If the eyeshadow pan is metallic or magnetised then you'll have no problems sticking them to the palette, however if it's not metallic (e.g. the MAC shadows won't stick), it's still no big deal as the Framer comes with 10 free magnetic stickers that you can stick to the back of the pans then store them in the palette. 

The Small Makeup Framer
Magnetic stickers

The only thing you need to be weary of is that if your eyeshadows have a habit of kicking up a dust storm, then the white frame can get dirty so be prepared to wipe.

If you're an expert at de-potting makeup, then great! If not, there are plenty of youtube videos that show you how easy it is to de-pot. There is even one on the Makeup Framer website itself that you can check out. 

The Makeup Framer comes in 2 sizes:
Large - $20 160mm x 110mm
Small - $16 135mm x 85mm. This is the one I have and it fits 15 MAC/Makeupgeek shadows.

You can get these from Makeup Aficionado and shipping starts at $7.

What do you think of the Makeup Framer? Is this something you'd use?

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  1. Great idea :) Lovely post.


  2. Such a cool idea! x

  3. Wow I've never seen or heard of this before! So there's no glass over the palette then (like a picture frame) because then you wouldn't be able to use the eyeshadows?

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Yep, no glass or anything on it so you can use it straight away. I guess it means you'll have to be careful if packing it away so you don't damage the shadows, but if you're just displaying it then it's great!



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