April 10, 2015

Makeup Look with some new Urban Decay and Bare Minerals purchases and a quick 29 week belly update

A few days after Urban Decay finally hit our shores I thought I'd go down to my local Mecca Maxima store and check it out. Blog research, you know. I definitely did not have a shopping list, and I sure as hell had no intention of ever getting the UD Naked 3 palette. But you know what, I got it, and it's awesome! I always assumed that the rose-gold tones in Naked 3 would not work with my complexion, that they might make my eyes look bloodshot or tired but in fact they're very versatile colours and surprisingly work well even with my dark features.

Besides the UD Naked 3 I also picked up another Bare Minerals lipstick, this time in the colour Fly High. I've become quite a fan of these lippies as they're super creamy, moisturising and surprisingly long lasting. Plus they're reasonably priced ($26) for the quality you get.

Here's a simple look that I did today wearing both new products.

Full product list
Besame Cosmetics cream foundation in Honey
Maybelline 24hr Super Stay Powder in Sand
Inglot contouring and highlighting powders in #501 and #504
Milani baked blush in Bella Rosa
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (Dust on lid, Mugshot in crease, Light to blend it out)
Maybelline gel eyeliner
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Dark Brown
Essence Lash Princess mascara
Bare Minerals lipstick in Fly High

In other news, I'm now 29 weeks pregnant. That means officially there are 11 weeks left till our little daughter is born. But of course it could be earlier than that, and I can't wait! I'm especially curious to see how Luca, who will be almost 3 when she's born, will handle his new role as a big brother. He now knows that there's a little "sista" in mummy's tummy, and that "sista" is going to bring him a gift of either a racing car or a firetruck (he keeps changing his mind). But apart from that I don't know if he'll be jealous or handle the new addition well.

I must admit I'm finding pregnancy a lot harder this time around. If I thought being pregnant the 1st time around was tiring, well being pregnant while looking after a toddler and still working is exhausting times a million. I've also already put on 11kilos! Aaaghhh... But I'd put on 17kilos with Luca and lost almost all, so 11kgs with only 2 months to go isn't too bad.

Besides the exhaustion, I'm also almost always in a lot of pain. I have dislocated ribs due to everything in my insides shifting to make room for the baby, and I also have a lot of pelvic and lower back pain (yep, I'm starting to waddle now when I walk!). The ribs hurt if I sit down for longer than 30 mins at a time, and the pelvic and back pain come when I've been standing or walking for too long. Usually I'm fine during the first half of the day, but by early afternoon all the pain and exhaustion catches up with me. But there's only 2 months to go and yes, I know a different set of exhaustion will settle in but at least the rib and back pain will go away. I had the same pains the first time too, and immediately after giving birth they were gone... either that, or I just don't remember it because I was too preoccupied with the baby.

Well, this ended up being a pretty long post from me! I hardly get the time (or energy) to blog lately, hence now that I've had a bit of time I feel like I let it all out. And if you're still reading, wow, thanks for sticking around!

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  1. The sacrifices we mothers go through for these little ones. You are doing a good job. I hope you get some rest.



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