February 01, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks in Nude and 1995

If you're active on Instagram then chances are you've come across a post or two about Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. GC is an independent brand, and their matte lipsticks have quite a following, and of course being a lipstick lover that I am I had to test them out myself. They had a sale on at the time I bought these, so I picked 3 colours, though I'm only showing 2 in this post. The colours shown here are Nude and 1995 (as in, the year when such mauve/brown lipsticks were last trendy!).

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in Nude
Nudes are hard to get right, as too pale and you look like you've got concealer on your lips, too dark and it defeats the purpose. I think this particular one is a nice suit-most Nude with enough warmth not to look like I've powdered my lips. I have been wearing it with a brownish lipliner to give it more definitition (Rimmel lipliner in Cappuccino).

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in 1995
Ah yes, back in 1995 I was still in high school and I wore these types of shades to class. I don't think they looked good on me back then. Even now I'm not too sure about it, it's not the type of colour I normally go for. But I got it, because I'm trying to get away from my usual shades so this was a good enough diversion. It's a mauve-brown, which looks darker in the tube than on lips.

Overall impressions
Look, I'll be honest. These are good, but they're not the best. They're matte so dryness is expected, but these were really really drying (you can see the dryness in the lip swatches). When applying it over lip balm you don't get the same colour pay off, it kind of dilutes it. And for a matte shade I expected more pigmentation but I had to swipe them several times to get the colour you see in these pictures. The packaging is gorgeous though, very luxurious looking. I'm not disappointed about them, but I won't be getting more. At the time I bought these they were 3 for $30 plus international postage. They always seem to have some kind of sale on, or there's a discount code going around so I suggest you google for a code if you want to give these a try.

What do you think of Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks? Have you tried them?


  1. Gerard Cosmetics seem to get a lot of hype for their lip products! It sort of seems like only those who are sent them rave about them though...These lipsticks sound good and I like the colours though I'm not sure I can really be bothered buying them tbh!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I've heard so much about Gerard Cosmetics recently, although I still haven't tried anything of theirs yet. Though I do like the look of '1995'...

  3. Wow! These are gorgeous! xxx


  4. I recently bought tequila sunrise and I absolutely loved the colour but the second time I went to apply it, it broke off at the base in the tube, so not impressed for a 19 dollar lipstick!!

    1. I agree, kinda of disappointing for the price. I've also picked up tequila sunrise but i find I hardly get any colour pay off on my lips - it looks good in the tube but my one seems to lack pigmentation.



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