October 16, 2013

Change the colour of your shoes on the cheap with some leather dye

A few weeks ago I saw a pair of shoes that I really liked. It was a pair of wedges with a peep-toe, closed back, and a deep burgundy red. I really wanted to get it, and did I mention it was on sale? Unfortunately they didn't have my size, typical! Then I remembered I had very similar pair of wedges at home, but in grey. So what's a girl to do? Dye it the colour that she wants! I used Waproo leather dye in Cherry Red which I bought from a shoe repair store for less than $10 and I love how it turned out.

Dying your shoes is very, very easy! If you'd like to do it yourself, all you need is:
  • Leather dye - sold at most good shoe repair stores for approx $10
  • Leather stripper (optional) - sold at most good repair stores for approx $10
  • Rags, cotton wool, cotton buds, etc - to clean up any mess
  • Masking tape (optional) - to mask the parts of the shoe that you do not want to dye. 

How to dye your shoes
  1. Clean your shoes - if your shoes are real leather then use some leather stripper on a cotton wool  to clean it and prepare for dying. If your shoes are faux leather do not use a leather stripper on it (it'll melt the material!), just use a damp cloth to give it a good clean. 
  2. (Optional) - mask any part of the shoe that you do not want to dye, e.g. the heel.
  3. Dye your shoes! - the Waproo shoe dye comes with it's own brush under the lid, kind of like a large nail polish brush. Apply 2 coats of the dye, letting it dry a few hours between coats. Clean up any mess and leave your newly dyed shoes overnight to dry before wearing it. There, it's as easy as that!
Notes: My shoes were faux leather so I did not use the leather stripper. I also did not bother with masking tape as I have a fairly steady hand, so I was careful not to apply paint on areas I didn't want to. 
Putting that first coat of dye on the shoes
All done, waiting for them to get dry 
The end result!

So, what do you think of this little DIY? Have you ever dyed your shoes? Would you?


  1. That is really cool. I wonder if those paints will fix/hide scratches.

  2. Awesome that is !! I wonder where can I find leather dye back in India...



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