July 10, 2013

BYS Blush Trio review

Besides lipsticks, blushes are my next favourite item of makeup. I have so many of them, and heaven knows I don't need any more. But when I was at Gloss Cosmetics the other day "just browsing" (seriously Lilit, you know you can't "just browse"), anyway, I was just browsing at Gloss and I saw these blush trios I was hooked. As much as I tried to resist, the very reasonable price tag of $6.95 plus the gorgeous shades won me over. I ended up buying Endless Summer, but then that same day I was sent a PR sample of it in Heart Skipped A Beat. Karma! See, I was meant to have them.

BYS Blush Trio in Endless Summer
This is such a summery collection. It contains 3 beautiful warm peachy pink shades that would look great with a tan. The shade in the middle is shimmery, whereas the two at the ends are matte. And all 3 are highly pigmented. We're going overseas in a few weeks for the European summer, and I plan on taking this palette with me.

BYS Blush Trio in Endless Summer - swatches under natural light, no flash

BYS Blush Trio in Heart Skipped a Beat
The shades in this trio are cooler toned pinks and mauves which would look great with pale wintery complexions. My favourite shade is the one on the right, it makes my cheeks look like they're naturally flushed from the cold. All 3 shades here have a sheen to them.

BYS Blush Trio in Heart Skipped a Beat - swatches in natural light, no flash

I've talked about BYS on this blog many times before, because I seriously think it's a great brand at a very very cheap price. The colours and formulas of the products are amazing. What lets them down is the packaging. It looks and is flimsy. But I suppose I can't expect luxe packaging as then the price tag would also be luxe! So if you haven't tried BYS yet you really should. Besides the great quality, the shades are very trendy and quite a few are dupes for higher end products. In fact their lipstick in Champagne Rain is a great dupe for MAC Hue (click HERE for my comparison post) and their blush in Coral is a great dupe for NARS Orgasm (see it HERE).

Have you tried anything from the BYS range?

*One of the trios was a PR sample


  1. I've seen these around a few blogs lately and they look great! The pigmentation is so fantastic for the price. I wish I had somewhere the sold BYS near me - I would be snapping these up for sure!


    1. These are definitely great so if you do end up seeing them, definitely snap them up!

  2. no i didn't try it yet as it is not available here.. but looking so pigmented

  3. Lovely review! I saw these at Gloss last week, but I was reluctant to buy them, thinking that they wouldn't be that good because of the price. But after reading this and seeing how pigmented they are, it seems as though I should give them a try :) xo


    1. Oh absolutely give it a try, as you can see they're incredibly pigmented! And considering you get 3 blushes in the one pack it works out at just over $2 a blush. Win! :)

  4. It's great to see that BYS is not only affordable but also great in quality and are able to dupe higher end products. The Endless Summer trio is beautiful!

    1. Endless Summer is definitely my favourite of the two, the colours are so gorgeous and makes me crave summer more! Oh and the quality of BYS products is really good considering how cheap it is!

  5. I've never heard of this brand in the states. I'll have to see if they ship internationally, as the second with the cooler pinks looks right up my alley and the price is amazing!



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