May 26, 2012

Impulse buy - Benefit Coralista

I didn't set out to buy Benefit Coralista. The reviews and swatches I'd seen online a while back did nothing for me. I thought yeah, it's pretty, but it looks nothing special. So it was on one of those days when only some kind of retail therapy will make you feel better that I happened to walk past the Benefit counter at Myer and my eyes were instantly drawn to Coralista.

One swatch and I decided this was coming home with me. I think it was the buttery texture, the subtle peachy pink shimmer, and perhaps even the slight floral smell that drew me in.

Unlike the other boxed blushes and bronzers from Benefit, the lid on this one doesn't come off completely AND has a mirror underneath so it's definitely an improvement on design.

It's much lighter than any of the blushes I own. In fact in summertime this will probably look more like a shimmer powder on me than a blush. But it's sure pretty. It's one of those blushes that goes on sheer so you can build up the intensity to some degree. It's a blush you don't have to worry about overdoing on your cheeks.

My only worry when I was getting this was that it would be too similar to Nars Orgasm but they're different enough for me to warrant the extra purchase. Nars is slightly pinker, and the glitter particles are coarser than in Coralista. Below is a comparison of Coralista to Nars Orgasm and also to Illamasqua Tremble as a reader asked me before how similar those two were to each other.

comparison of illamasqua tremble benefit coralista nars orgasm
With flash

Have you tried anything from Benefit before? Any favourites?


  1. I am a HUGE Benefit fan. I have the They're Real mascara {only big ticket mascara I have ever purchased}, the That Gal Brightening Face Primer {which I love and has a beautiful smell to it!}, the Cha Cha Tint mango-tinted lip and cheek stain {absolutely gorgeous on both the lips and cheeks}, and the Hello Flawless powder foundation -- which I didn't think I would like but actually really do. Benefit rocks!! :)

  2. This is lovely on you! For some odd reason Coralista does not show up on me at all - and I'm lighter than you! I had a mini, and I loved the scent, but I sold it because I couldn't see it on me at all :(

  3. I've used Coralista for years. Always a sad moment when it hits pan. Great blog!

    Your new follower
    Nestled in Nostalgia

  4. Great post.This looks amazing on you.Really nice shades.

  5. I really like their brow zings!

  6. Ooh! It looks amazing on you!
    I've had my eyes on it for a while, but haven't yet purchased!
    Loving the look of Tremble as well...

    Sharleena xx

  7. Besides Hoola, Coralista has got to be my favorite Benefit Boxed Powder! The color is so flattering & I am literally obsessed with how good it smells! Every time I use it, I'm always sniffing the box lol :)

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  8. I was at the Benefit counter last night - I'm lusting after Dallas blush!

  9. I have CORALista and I love it :) It's my favorite blush by Benefit!

  10. My Coralista was also an impulse buy but I do love it and every time I use it, I'm reminded of how much I do

  11. Your cheeks are glowing, it really suits you. I'm glad you bought it.

  12. I think you have made me put this on my next to purchase list looks great on!

  13. Coralista is definitely a great blush! It was my first Benefit purchase I ever made AND remains my favorite :) I also love the smell! It doesn't top the smell of Illamasqua blushers but whenever I use it the smell just makes me smile... ok now it sounds like I go around sniffing makeup all day ;) haha
    It looks great on you!
    xx Bethany

  14. I've always contemplated buying Coralista (it would be much more pigmented on me than on you!) but chose to get Dallas last time I hauled from the US, and it is literally amazing. Such a great neutral blush!

  15. I'm not really a huge fan of Benefit products purely down to the price - I can get more for my money from MAC and Urban Decay which is just personal preference - but this is a really gorgeous colour. I love the shimmer and I agree that the glitter looks far less coarse and harsh than in Orgasm. I love that blush but oh my god the GLITTER sometimes!

    That being said, I love the smell of Benefit blush! I think it's a really lovely touch.

  16. I swatched this and like you it was a bit sheer on me. I wasn't too sure about building it so I didn't purchaes it at the time. I definitely agree that it's not too similar to Orgasm and you look lovely in it so it's a win for you!

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  18. LOVE coral shade, I was thinking of getting Coralista or Orgasm, which one do you think is better for a first try? Maybe coralista for being more orange? Maybe that's better for summer...not sure :(


    1. It depends on your skintone as Coralista is really light, and I know if I was to tan a little it would not show on me. But that said I do think Coralista is easier to wear because you can wear it sheer and build it up if needed. Good luck deciding!

  19. Although I love Bella Bamba more, I do adore the texture and colour of Coralista. It's almost like a cream!



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