May 03, 2013

Friday's letters #2

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Dear barristas at the office coffee shop
Thank you for remembering exactly how I have my morning coffee, even after being away from the office for so long! You guys rock.

Dear baby Luca, 
You know how for the past few nights you've been waking up at 1am and not going back to sleep till 4am, then waking up for good an hour later. Yeah, there's no need for that. I know you probably think that mummy needs company, but not at that hour sweetie. At that hour I'd rather be catching some sleep. I don't have the luxury of daytime naps like you do. So now that we've got that clarified, how about you sleep through the night again huh?

Dear people on escalators
You have been annoying me a lot this week. The correct etiquette here is to stand to the left so that people in a hurry can walk past you. You can even stand to the right if you want. The point is you should be considerate of other people and allow them to pass.

Dear smokers
When you walk and smoke at the same time, the fumes do not travel with you. Instead they go to the poor person walking behind you giving them a migraine. Or worse still, they travel to the poor baby that's in the pram behind you. Not cool. Oh and while I'm at it, can you also not light that cigarette of yours until you're actually outside of the building? Thanks.

Dear body,
You have almost returned to your pre-pregnancy weight. Go you! Yes there are still 2 kilos hanging around, but you fit into your old clothes so that's all that matters. Plus it's very hard to give up that cheesecake.

Dear Paris,
I have been thinking about you a lot lately, reminiscing about the good old days walking on your cobblestone streets. The husband and I are planning another visit, but this time with our baby dragon. Can you handle it?


  1. I smiled at this post :) Brilliant! "Dear Smokers" ahahaha x

  2. Oh Lilit, the dear baby Luca? It's happening here too. Why?!

    1. Oh N too? Crazy times! It's the dreaded 9 month sleep regression which can last till they're 11 months! Here's good info on it.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thought nuggets.

    I, too, often think the same thing about smokers. Do you notice how they hold their cigarettes? It's as if they loathe their nasty habit, but still do it anyways!

    1. My mum is a packed a day smoker (it kills me!) and yep, she loathes but can't kick the habit. Not that she even bothers to try of course.

  4. Aww Lilit! This is beautiful. Went and read the first too. and now, I'm totally stealing this from you. Can I? :D

    1. Haha steal away! I stole it from someone else anyway :)



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