September 13, 2015

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

There's so much hype about this mascara isn't there? Not surprising, considering the big claims it makes.  But does it deliver?

The box it comes in claims that this mascara gives 1,944% more volume! That's a big claim! I wouldn't say I thought my lashes were 1,944% more volumized but it certainly did make them thicker, blacker, and longer. I can't give you a percentage, coz how do you even work that out people?

On the whole I do think this is an amazing mascara, but... and there is a but, it's not for everyone. If you have really short or sparse lashes it can look very clumpy, and I know this because my mum also has this same mascara and on her short lashes it looks very clumpy. The wand is also slightly bigger than average, so it's easy to skip a lash or two and end up with mascara on your lids.

However, if you already have a decent set of lashes to begin with, this can make them look amazing. The colour is very black, it lengthens and volumizes to the max and it's also very buildable. I generally do 2 coats as I like my lashes to stand out, but even 1 coat gives more volume than some other mascaras out there. It also washes off really easily and best of all doesn't leave your lashes feeling crunchy.

Here are some before and after pictures so you can see it in action.

Can I just say I also really like the packaging, it feels really sturdy and I know it won't break if I was to drop it.

This mascara is $29 at Mecca Maxima, and is definitely a repurchase for me.

Have you tried this mascara? Yay or nay?


  1. This sounds like such an amazing product and I have heard countless reviews on it! I don't know why I haven't picked it up yet. x

  2. I absolutely adore this mascara! Really does deliver on volume & drama! xx


  3. I really wanted to get this mascara but I'm put off now because I have the shortest lashes ever so it sounds like it will make them clumpy! I'm glad I found out before I made the huge spend though haha

    Just Little Things xo

    1. If you wipe all of the excess mascara from the wand you won't get any clumping. More info in my comments below :)

  4. I have been waiting for your review Lilit. You have the best lashes ever :) I think i have reasonable lashes to start with so am now excited to try it, also think its a not bad price point for a Meccca offering !

  5. My all time favourite mascara. Have converted family and friends to it. As a tip, even though it sounds wasteful, wipe off all the excess mascara on the brush before applying. You need to do this especially when you first start using it. This might fix your mum's clumping problem. You don't need to continue doing this when you get about halfway through the tube as it dries out a tiny bit and become perrrrfect!



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