March 16, 2011

Mini Mac Haul & maxi dessert feed

Last weekend Jade from Jade Musing and I decided to go on a mini haul followed by dessert at a new South American dessert place that had opened up in Parramatta. I don't know what I was excited about more, the mini haul, or the delicious alfajores with dulce de leche filling ... mmm... alfajores...

Anyway, our first stop was Myer where I wanted to check out the MAC counter. I was mainly after a powder to set my foundation and both Jade and the MUA recommended I go with the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder, which I did.

I bought the MSN in Medium which is the perfect colour for my NC25-30 skintone. Initially I thought it was too light for me, but the MUA said that being a mineral powder it will oxidise and darken on the skin a bit. I'm glad I listened, because it is definitely the right colour for me.

Looks quite light in this swatch but it blends invisibly on my skin.

I also got distracted by the lipstick stand, mainly Creme Cup caught my eye... why did I not own it already? It's such a gorgeous nudey pink, so after swatching and falling in love with it I added that to my purchase.

MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup

I will do a proper review of both my purchases later, but I will say now that I love them both and I'm so glad I bought them.

After stopping by a few other stores Jade and I made our way to Inca's South American Desserts. I had the white alfajores, filled with dulce de leche and covered in meringue, topped with cream and strawberries. Yummm....

My dessert

Jade ordered not one but two traditional alfajores. I must admit I was surprised at that because Jade is tiny, she's so gorgeous, I didn't think she'd be able to finish the two because they are huge. But turns out she thought they were much smaller in size, hence her order of double servings.

Jade and her two desserts... and I'd like to point out that Jade has the most perfect glowy and luminous skin but for some reason my camera added shine to her face where there was none.

I must say she persevered and finished both her desserts! Very proud of her.

And in case you're interested in my makeup on the day, here's a pic (after all meeting a beauty blogger for the first time is more daunting than going on a first date: a date will notice that you're wearing make-up, a beauty blogger will notice if your foundation is cakey, if your eyeshadow is not blended or if you have lipstick on your teeth!).

I kept it fairly simple...
  • On eyes - greyish tones using my Mac Play it Cool palette, Australis TLC Mascara, UD Zero eyeliner
  • On face - Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation in Nude
  • On cheeks - BYS blush in Coral
  • On lips - Mac lipglass in Oyster Girl

What have you been hauling lately? Do you own any of my new additions? What do you think of them?


  1. i love creme cup!!

    That dessert looks yummy!!

  2. I have the same reservations when I think about going somewhere with a beauty blogger! SO daunting :)

  3. @Steph, it was definitly delish!

    @Emily, yeah i wouldn't want to feel like a fraud next to all these gorgeously immacukate beauty bloggers!


  4. Aww, shopping and dessert~ how fun!! :D

    I really like that lippie shade Lilit! LOTD soon? hehe

    And I love that BYS blush in 'Coral' you had on. I might have a look for that blush- Did you get it from Gloss?

    I have been hauling on some YSL and Korean cosmetics - mainly hightlighters and blushes and lippies.

    Both of you lovely ladies look gorgeous! You are both glowing!
    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing xo

  5. Hahaha I still can't believe I ate all that 0_o

    Your makeup looked so gorgeous I was going to ask you everything you were wearing - you looked perfect <3 Now you're making me want creme cup!!!

  6. Creme cup is so pretty, I love the smell of it too its almost like cupcake icing, its a little dark for my skin though to wear as a nude

  7. great buy! i'm planning to buy the same stuff for ages :D i guess the MSF in Light would suit me cuz' you are darker than me :)
    your make up is divine! especially on a hot day.

  8. @Popblush - lotd coming up real soon for sue! and yeah, the blush is from Gloss. It's my fave blush ever. And thankx hun, it was a hot day some some of the glow might not have been intentional!

    @Jade - I loved the lippy you had on, such a gorgeous coraly orangey colour, loved it. And really suited you too.

    @Lori - yeah i think when I'm paler in winter in might be too dark for me too as a nude, but right now it's perfect.

    @Passing Fancy - yeah MSF in Light was the lightest one available, it's really great so if you get the chance try it. And thanks re the makeup comment, that photo was taken at the beginning of the day so towards the end it had started melting off a bit.


  9. What a lovely day! I love Creme Cup, it's like a softer, more wearable version of Angel.

  10. Oh my goodnes, $4.95?? I'm definitely getting one. I really like that shade. I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!

    You don't look oily at all! xo

  11. I really like the lipstick, I've had my eye on Creme Cup for a while now. :)

  12. Hi Lilit,

    how exciting to meet a blogger and I think I had the same feelings about that. ;)

    Creme Cup is a great lipstick and I love the finish. If you like the finish check out Speed Dial.


  13. Oooh I just googled Speed dial, it's pefect! Maybe my next bac2mac I'll get that... I just have too many lipsticks now so trying to stay away. But Speed Dial is def gorgeous!

  14. Great haul! And the dessert looks yummy! :)

  15. Love both you ladies, you are so fabulous! Creme Cup is my fav mac lipstick. So flattering on almost everyone!

  16. @Musicalhouses - thanks, it was definitely yummy!

    @Superficial Sydney - thanks babe, you shouuld come with us next time! The more the merrier.

  17. It sounds like you had a great time, you both look gorgeous!

    I definitely need Creme Cup, it's such a beautiful colour.

  18. Thanks Anissa, we did have a great time. And Creme Cup is gorgeous, seriously what took me so long to get it? Glad I have it now, though!

  19. Re my eotd: Thanks Lilit :) I had fun doing it. Definitely will do more of them :D

    Yeah, it took me a long time to get used to doing the 'flick'. I'm still not perfect at it - I need to practice more! hehe.

  20. Creme Cup looks amazing! Now I really want it x

  21. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE that lip colour! You're so gorgeous I DIE!
    How cute is Jade! She's so adorable!
    I'm totes buying that lippie!!!

  22. Thanks babe, i love that lippy. What the hell took me so long to find it? Not shopping hard enough I reckon.

  23. I have been so on the fence with creme cup but you have tipped me over. It looks soooo stunning.

  24. @Chloeblue - i never even knew about it! weird... but it's the best and i've been wearing almost every day since I got it.

    @Wilbenshire - thanks, it's such a great shade :)




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